Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter

But whether im a rose of sheer perfection
a freckle 0n the nose of lifes complexion
a cinder or the shiny apple of its eye
I gotta fly once
I gotta try once
only can die once, right sir?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


“Gaano katagal ang kaya mong hintayin para maghintay sa taong hindi naman alam na may naghihintay pala sa kanya?”

- #FB

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Down e

It all started with the talk about android phone applications. My friend and I were texting about gay related application on the android market, he introduced me to applications: BoyAhoy and RomeoLive and just recently I found out that android now supports Grindr too. These sites are of course used for hookups or those searching for something out of the ordinary, not that i need one, but for the fun of it i downloaded from the market. Anyhow, I never really tried BoyAhoy, ive signed up for RomeoLive (App for Planet Romeo) and placed my real photo on it, after just a few moments my inbox started to get busy. People askin if i have a place or can i be their boyfriend and stuff like sex, gimiks, sex and more sex. To no avail I was not that interested thus I brushed it all off.

Well this post aint about android applications but yes this is all about gay networking sites. You see during the course of our fruitful txt exchange, this friend and I, he told me that there was this site where I can actually see online “cam shows”. I wasn’t a stranger with this of course. I was familiar with the website, I used to have an account years ago during the time when a friend who owed me a big sum of money had press released that he was dying (coma) though I oftentimes see his account online, that proved to me the lies, deceit etc etc blah blah blah yada yada yada. Moved on. Anyhow I only knew just recently that a chatroom on this site exists. Due to boredom, I created a new account and boom , I logged in. I have to say there are lots of cute faces in the video chatroom, though I had a cam on my laptop I refuse to join the video chat because I felt ugly. I was just there admiring their beautiful faces and well toned bodies

And then a few days or so after, I logged in once again and whatta a surprise, my college crush who I thought was straight was there barenaked, err on skimpy briefs. Fuck this ought to be a good night, I told myself. I was a sucker for singers and there he was strumming his guitar, while his well toned muscles clearly were displayed via webcam, singing one of my favorite songs which peculiarly he covered and pasted previously on facebook (which I copied and stored, haha). Surprise, surprise! I was smiling all the time, His glorious face was clearly displayed on my laptop screen. I didn’t have the courage to message him, I was afraid of telling him “hey I know you!”. But hell yeah he was the most popular guy in that lobby that night. In that exact moment I opened my webcam and docked him, and guess what he docked me too. Haha. Surprise, surprise! But I never talked to him, the shy me or the “I respect you” me just took over. Me thinks he did recognized me because after sometime he said goodbye and left the chatroom.

Then I started to love Downelink because of him, haha. I had this chance to peek, just a peek in his secret life. Soon, maybe when im hot enough, Ill befriend him once again, I might be ready to tell him “hey I saw you on downelink.” And I just cant forget the words that he typed just recently to another cute videochatter:

****: Foursome tayo tol!