Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Field of Umber

Prince_Cloud 13.08.09

Bloodtrails behind,
That proves the missing heart is gone
To where it must not be
With the monster, eager not to plea

Can the bridge pull you across?
Or else face death, the way back is lost
Killer as you might be, Hate will reign in glee
At least you are free

Or is freedom all you need,
Can Happiness redeem the mammoth’s regime?
Vindicate the wounded self, From the
Boastful ego that consumed the spread eagled prey

Yes, beyond is a lonely glory
But true angels in disguise might be
Celebrating the loneliness you have attained
Finally slaying and burning the monstrosity within

Cloud and Shade, we may never know
Smoke and Rain combined, might never do
All of them you cannot hold on to
Unless you became one, ethereal will do

Look into the Darkness, behind it lurks
Might be afraid of the bloody coup
Fatal, the way back to monstrosity
Tears and bloody roses, let them be

But can elements hinder forever and ever, or
Can death overcome serenity and eternity ?
When two holy objects unite, a door opens
Greater than this weak bridge, might never happen

Its Mightier than the purging Rain
That the angry Cloud, his strength in vain
More beautiful than the Smoke as it dances to the heavens
Giving a wonderful Shade to a stressed and worn out giant...

Beyond this weak bridge is the field of umber.
Where Cloud protects from the shining Rays
And Shade can overcome the powerful pain
Forget holding on, run away from the imminent disaster.

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