Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taking Chances

Taking Chances, originally uploaded by Cloud_AirHeart.

I was talking to a friend this morning about the person I admire. As much as I wanted to explain the questions attached to the situation I only came up with one answer: he is a combination of two people I loved but altogether a league of his own. Funny isn’t it how feelings mysteriously sprout in an unexpected way, but as much as I wanted to believe that this might lead to love, I do know from experience that love fades when not nurtured, just like how love fades in a morning coffee as it turns cold. But love blooms too when you are needed, like water to flower or music to ears. To every form of love, there is always a beginning, a beginning I will call “taking chances”.

I do believe that love defines us, from the moment of ‘taking chances’ to the very moment of “I do’s” or the heartbreaking “I don’ts”. It’s through this we learn that not all choices are made in heaven, though true love is. We learn that every chance we take is a way to gain that piece of heaven that one day we might own for a meantime, realizing that sometimes it’s just borrowed and cannot be truly ours. But what matters is that we have experienced that piece, and that’s all but enough to take another chance and hope that someday another gift may come our way, this time it’ll stay for good. We just have to accept that every chance we take will take us to either: falling into rubble of stones or end up in the arms of somebody, saving us from that painful fall. So I guess we just have to enjoy the jump from the cliff and be ready of the outcome, not regretting that we took the chance to jump. But I daresay the timing of the jump is of the essence.

But then again, in the business of our mornings, there are chances that come our way that we didn’t even notice exists, chances, just for us. For us it’s just a fleeting love song but if we just take a closer look, admit to ourselves that we need to listen more intently, that love song is made not for everyone to hear but only made especially for us. Those magical chances I believe exist only rarely, they come not packaged by fate but lived thru the power of a man’s choice to love.

True, there’s always an end to every beginning and there’s always a new hello to every ending. That one hello that will stay and will linger forever, withstanding the test of eternity. That hello, a new choice, another chance to prove love exists.


“What do you say to ‘taking chances’
What do you say to ‘jumping off the edge’…?”


  1. gosh. natamaan ako dito mik. pero ahm, depende pa rin sa situations siguro? i don't know. :|