Sunday, October 31, 2010

Like / Love

Inspired, yes

In love, not yet

Wants to be In love, hell yeah. =)


I like it when the wind flips my hair up and down. But i Love it when you pave my hair away from my face... To see how bright my eyes can glow when youre around

I like it when my brain tells that im going home at the end of this monsoon, but i love how my heart hums that im gonna see you soon...

I like the idea of "Love at First Sight", but i love the truth that "I knew i loved you before i met you."

I like the way you punch me when i do something childish. But i love how you cure my swollen muscles through your kisses...

I like watching movies with you, but i love watching you watching me...

I like every hour, minute, second i spend with you, but i love how TIME stops when you kiss my lips, event- that the world cant miss.

i like the light, it makes me see things clearly. but ilove darkness. it makes me appreciate more the light that is you

i like your 'good nights' but i love waking up to another Better morning with you...

I like the realization that you love somebody else; but i love the fact that i can wait until that love fades and ours bloom
i like hearing my name in a song; but i love it whenever youre the one singing it.

i like you for not liking me, but i love you, not because you dont love me, its because I do.

I like to be your servant & do everything you ask; but what i love the most is that youll be my one and only King.

Likes Love ko 'to; Loves 'Love Kita'.

I like how the stars twinkle on a dark summer night but i love how they shimmer in your eyes

I like ur tweets, coz through them i get to know ur fleeting toughts; i love ur DMs those few words thats only for my eyes to see.

Likes a wild rollercoaster ride; loves to ride life's laughters and cries as long as you are here by my side.

likes my once upon a time until it ended; loves a second once upon a time, oh when will it come?

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  1. i like... no, i love this post!!


    mukhang malapit na dumating yan. sa dec?! :)