Monday, August 9, 2010


Burned Forever, originally uploaded by Cloud_AirHeart.

By Cloud Air Heart

Burned forever
The cold strings of laughter
Let the fresh teardrops
Rot on the ground.
Your lies’ survival
Led to a heartbeat’s death
What the fuck is friendship
If were mutilated.

Used my life
They’re yours somehow
The way you own the clouds
Dried that bloody round

Forever was the word
That was lost in the dark
The ending was written
Before these lines arrived
And I was the man
That’s worth leaving behind
Not wanting this waiting shed
To be your resting ground

A mangled spirit
In search for pleasure
A predator on his knees
Enamored prey awaits his demise
A helpless angel
On a lonely plight
But beneath his halo
Lies a wicked heart.

Ill drift away
Exhale me now
Fly my heart up in the air
On his way to the clouds

Salvage the memories
Of the lonely teardrop?
To moisten the wound
Or to bring us our doom?
Save the laughter
From burning forever?
To bring back the frozen emotion
Or to burn us till our expiration?

Forever was just a stupid word
Its just me and the ghost of your lies
The way you died without goodbye
The way I bled the pain inside
While your name spells my sadness
Mine explains the reason why
And His is the only prefix from heaven
That changes the meaning of my life

His is the letters from up high
That makes this waiting worthwhile.

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  1. The last part of the poem was heartbreakingly painful, the right dose that I needed now. Thank you. I landed from Kane's links. =)