Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Anatomy Song

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The Anatomy Song

The sun does not only shine on my face
But I also feel the warm embrace
From the ends of the hair to the heel
From the food on the lips to the anal scene
And the clouds brings not emptiness
On the eyes, the ears, the hairy chest
Brings only heightened chills
And all these lovely cheers

The heart’s on a marathon
Brain’s HDD needs restoration
Stomach craves your sweetness
Eyes only see your cuteness
The nose misses your freshness
Ears are desperate for the voice
That makes this the right choice
Yeah they need you,
Baby I need you…

The rain that wets the cheeks at night
Is overpowered by the love inside
Enabling the senses to have that might
Hormones are acting up
Sebaceous glands are sleeping tight
And the organs enjoy the party lights
And loneliness is out of sight
Cause you’re now here inside…

The heart’s on a marathon
Lungs deserve resuscitation
The liver needs your comfort
Hands are lonely without yours
Skin needs your touching
The lips can’t stop talking
Can’t keep him from speaking
(Your precious name)
Yeah they need you
Baby I need you…

Ive known you for a month or two
But my pulse, my nodes and secreted juice
My blood and my one and only cerebellum
Sings “It might be you”
Im hungry for that sweet caress
Ribcage needs embrace, nothing less
The lips they care for yours, no one else
OK, Perineum region be cool.

The heart’s on a marathon
The voice box, on silent tone
Not flexible, my funny bones
Muscles are now dummy clones
Kidneys can’t avoid the forming stone
Veins, arteries, capillaries’ formation
Delivers the message, they’re not alone
Yeah they need you
Baby I need you…

But now that you’re here beside me
It’s symmetrical- like serendipity
A reality as true as the flexible spinal column
Decoding the pancreas for all that reasons
The breath of fresh air that fills my system core
Refreshes the hypothalamus again, once more
Reminds the forgotten aorta and the heart
Chambers one, two, three and four!

Systems are now in order
Cardiovascular hearts you forever
Nervous won’t break our pact, never
Digestive, he craves for you, kindly share…

Ever active Mr. Reproductive,
Can make us very interactive
Skeletal’s blue print, you’re the missing clue
Integumentary will never feel forever blue…

A tight hug, my Muscles can now approve
Endrocrine secretes the needed groove
Sympathetic Lymphatic has something to prove
Excretory surely won’t eject our love that is so good

Yeah they need you Boo
Baby I love you…



For the past week I have been suffering from slight insomnia, resulting again to my acne breakout, dark circles around the eyes and bulgy eyebags. Its my fault anyhow. Given the liberty of two extra hours for some “Me” time (I have been working for 12 hours for the past 4.5 years) I always find myself sleeping at 5:30pm just to wake up again at 7:00pm to brush my teeth, wash my face and watch re-runs of Heroes, thus making it difficult for me to catch another sleep. Ok last night was different. For the past few weeks I was meaning to write something again because its been a while since ive written a poem or a song, and yesterday the universe conspired to give me that jolt of inspiration. I made it a point not to fall asleep in the afternoon after work so I busied myself with Plants vs Zombies, watched TV and the re runs and listened to some music. And then Ive heard Martina Mcbride’s song “I Love You” and it hit me, “yeah this is one of my fave song in the world”. It felt something like ‘finding a 500 peso bill on one of my old notebooks that I hid from myself a few years ago’ or ‘eating your favorite ice cream after so many years”. With an idea on my mind and inspiration clinging inside the heart, I think I hit the right emotional chords combined with my funny bones. And thus the Anatomy Song was conceived. Its just that I don’t have my guitar anymore, I cant put the chords in their proper place...

After Ive finished this one… it made me smile. Isang napakalaking ngiti. =D

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