Saturday, June 19, 2010

With Him.

“Uuwi ako”.

It was already past 10 in the morning and I just woke up and went to the CR to pee when Nelo calmly spoken the silent words, just outside my room yesterday morning. The tone of his voice seems so melancholy and I knew that there was a deluge of emotions trapped inside him.

“Bakit, anong nangyari? pasok ka muna sa kwarto.”

From the redness of his eyes I assumed that tears consumed him last night. His eyebags clearly states that sleep wasn’t his companion too. All I knew in that moment was that he bought a new phone, the same model as mine, yesterday- from there I was lost.

“Ang nanay ko, pumanaw na…”
Isnt it so sad that the first call that you will receive in your new phone would be a news that would break your heart...?

There was a long silence after he professed the source of his sadness. I couldn’t even look straight in his eyes and say the correct words that a friend should tell a friend to overcome such loneliness.

“Awww. Condolence… Im so sorry to hear that Nelo, tell me what I can do to make you feel better…”

“Ok lang ako, baka umuwi ako bukas na bukas din…”

For all the nonsense things that I worry about, my worries weren’t even a fraction of what he was into. I tried hard to make him smile, cause that’s what a friend should do I suppose, ive helped him load some songs in his phone, just to cheer him up… offered him coffee and chocolate, and most of all be there for him, beside him in this time of loneliness…


In that sober morning conversation with Nelo, I cant help but think about my Inay and Tatay too. To lose someone you love so much is so hard to accept. I remember my Inay’s messages the previous days begging me to reply on her text messages. The problem is, I don’t feel like texting anyone during the last few days only to find out that my local SIM card’s outgoing services already expired, and the moment I wanted to really text my Inay, I cant. So I braced and battled the intensive heat of the desert and rushed to the nearest store to buy a card, to enable me to send my love to them, my family. It was a heavenly feeling after I reconnected with them again, the lump in my throat was gone… all I need to do is go home and be with them and make them feel how much we love them, their sons.

I really wanted to help Nelo, for I feel for him, mothers have a soft spot in my heart. He will go home tonight to his family in Leyte and my prayers are with him.


  1. sometimes, we need to speak with our actions when words are empty to fill an emotion.

    god bless you. my condolences to your friend.

  2. Salamat Elias. True actions speak louder than words