Monday, June 14, 2010

Scents, Skills, Songs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a decent entry on this blog. I haven’t found the right inspiration yet, thus the lack of tales for this blog... If not for some reposts or the youtube vids, this blog must have been comatose right now, so yeah thanks to the previous me and the songs that helped me go on with this life.

Anyhow this is an attempt to post something worthwhile, while my new colleague is busy with his work outside, teehee...

Or I think I should blog about him? Yeah correct ill blog about him since he is someone new in my life.

Lets call him Marlou (after a basketball star), since he is so tall oftentimes I find myself looking up just to see his facial reactions while training him on some laboratory procedures. So yeah he is tall, brown skinned, slim, semi-kalbo hair and older than me. He is already married and has two kids, both girls 1 and 3 years young. Based on my first impression hes a good person- a little laidback, he doesn’t speak that much, but when speaks with gravity and easily trained and motivated, well that’s the first thing I like about him. The next thing that makes me smile when he is near, is his scent, its just that i am so used to the smell of Indians and Arabs here and he is a very much welcome addition to the scent i usually smell everyday, such pleasant, sweet and manly smell... not in a sexual context but its really a plus pogi points whenever a man sitting next to you smells good.

I for one doesn’t smell that good, i don’t have a regular perfume. My deodorant is more than enough for me. Well, all my life i really dont care having just a plain smell, but i should think yet again since im going home this December, maybe i could use a little scent... since Marlou's scent affects me and im quite starting to be attracted to guys having such a nice smell. Maybe next time when i sit down at the foodcourt the guy sitting next to me might catch or smell my pleasant, sweet smell and i could also light a little smile in his eyes, probably catching his heart too.

Anyhow this morning ive realized that my English skill is deteriorating, and the culprit is my stay here. For five years i have been talking to people who have less than average English skills thus making me prone to communicate with them using below average English sentences also, which is really very bad for my future career. Im afraid that in my next job interview i would stutter, use wrong grammar or worse cant even answer the interviewer with a sentence with a sense. Oh well, its me to blame too, i should’ve read more books, wrote lots of posts in English, I shoudlve talked to people using good English. But i will never regret coming here, i have helped people, especially my family and with that the five years here is a success! So if you find some errors in this post or any posts here, im really sorry, im working on my grammar. hehe, i remember getting a perfect 1.0 in my classcard in English during second year college, my pretty instructor would kill me now. Kidding.

Hey by the way im enjoying two songs right now. Sukob na performed by Aiza Seguerra makes me nostalgic. It makes me wanna fall in love again but the thing is i dont know who would be the worthy one for this love or am I worthy to feel this thing again, I don’t really know., i am not in such a hurry, its just that it makes me sad to think that i have always been on the losing end when it comes to Love. The song gives me hope… as Aiza's hearfelt rendition says

"kay sarap isipin na may kasama sa buhay pag bumaha...sukob na"

which makes the second song very applicable: Michael Buble's Havent Met you Yet. this one has that positive vibe, and as the song goes

"I might have to wait, I’ll never give up
I guess it's half timin and the other half's luck
Wherever you are, whenever it's right
You'll come outta nowhere and into my life"


Anyhow ill be home in six months time, im quite excited, a little afraid, yes, but i think im quite ready for almost anything now. how many storms have i been into, and i made it! Im still here, smiling. =)


  1. it will be a new chapter for you. =)

    stay cheerful ah.

  2. wow naman,, na-inspire naman ako sa Michael Bubble song :)
    i feel the same,, being in the middle of doubt and hope...
    well,, its a good thing you're smiling!
    truly,, good things are yet to come! :)

  3. yep, pogi points talaga ang mabango. hehe

  4. @Dabo. Mwah

    ganda ng song ni Michael no?

    @Darc Diarist
    Naku dapat pala magpabango ako, baka sakali, hehe =P