Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Road That Leads Us Home

In this journey, there will be so many people who will walk into our life. Some will inspire us to walk on, move up and climb our way to higher ground, but some too will cling tight- to ruin us, to make us suffer, to give us pain and make us cry. But keep in mind that we permitted them to walk beside us- as they permitted us to walk beside them too. Of course some will walk out of you when you are at the road of nothingness, lost in the middle of no where. But there will always be someone who will stay, the person who will be the ‘road that leads you home’- thus the task is to know who amongst the thousand footprints on the desert sand will weather the scorching heat, the villainous wind, the cruel cold of the winter morning, with you. There is always someone- when someone leaves, someone will arrive; when someone makes you cry, for sure one day someone will make you laugh and wipe the tears in your eyes; when all people forget who you are, there will always be someone who will always remember how you loved him and how you changed his life.

It’s never the destination that matters; it is the journey and the people beside you that make life a wonderful adventure.


You’ll always be,
The reason why I’m so In love
Beyond the sands, I know you’re all I have

You’ll always be the ROAD THAT LEADS ME HOME
The one who gave me hope to carry on
In these twisted paths
I know I’m not alone
And my dreams started to unfold
What matters most
I know you’ll lead me home

- Cloud Airheart


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  1. i always like home posts. this one is cute. happy travel.