Sunday, June 20, 2010

But Before You Go: Songs of Love and Loss

i created a new blog that will house my compositions/poems. So in just a click it would all be there. in the span of five years ive created a number of songs/poems,some of which already graced this blog, the others will be posted soon, if i feel theyre already worth posting or should i say if the composition fits the feeling of a certain moment of my life, a repetition of the forgotten emotions... =D

Anyhow But Before You Go was written three years back, actually ive forgotten the story of this song, but let me see… ive always been the one left behind, so i guess from there the song was made.

heres the new blog:
Waiting's End: Songs of Love and Loss

and heres the song:

But Before You Go
Music and lyrics by Cloud

You are packing your things
In the room, in our suitcase
You said youre tired of me
And you need a change of heart

While I sit down on the porch
Still cryin, still lovin you
I know that you are lying
Or its what I wanted to believe

But Before you go

Chorus 1:
Can you tie my two hands
So they can let you go
Im sorry I cant help but hold you
Can you shut my two eyes
So tears wont fall down
Im sorry I cant help but cry

I learned that you will leave the keys
Of the house and the SUV
You said you dont need them
And I need to move on

While I still hold on my dreams
I tried to hug you, then kiss you
Even as a sign of goodbye
Indeed, the saddest word in the world

But Before you go

Chorus 2:
Can you seal my red lips
So I wont beg you to stay
Baby I need you beside me
Can you leave your perfume
So I can smell you everyday
Ill dream of the day
(The day youll come back to me)


But Before you go
Can you give back the key
Of my heart, it wont open
It seems that you alone can do it
Can you give back my life
It was useless without you
Baby you are my everything


  1. galing naman, sige I'll follow you're other home, napaka puti nito, dati kase black yung bg ng blog mo na 'to dba hehehehe