Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Final Fantasy

I have been a fan of the Square Enix Final Fantasy games for a long time now and i have been so excited to play their latest game: Final Fantasy XIII. So to prepare for the imminent arrival of the game in stores, i purchased 2 months in advance an XBOX 360 Elite just to find out after that the game will be released locally for another month. I was left with no choice but to play Naruto and Overlord which were actually pretty good, I have finished Naruto, while Overlord im halfway through when I got bored with it and the Xbox altogether (main reason is-i cant play divx files on it). Afterwards my youngest brother requested for a Play Station 3 for him to play the final installment of God od War (3) and also the Final fantasy XIII. We both share the same passion when it comes to the Final Fantasy series, our favorite games were Final Fantasy VII & XII. I cant say NO to loved ones, so a plan was formed: I will buy all the 3rd generation consoles for the three of us: The Xbox 360 will go to Piolo - my younger brother, the Plastation 3 will go to Leo-my youngest brother and a Nintendo Wii - will be mine. Just last month, i bought the Nintendo Wii and just a few days back i bought the Plasytation 3 and a Final Fantasy XIII game (for PS3). Im so happy, so far my favorite is the Playstation (it plays mp4 files and divx, yey), then the Wii and then Xbox. Next in line would be a Sony Bravia or a Samsung LCD for my Inay and Tatay.

As of the moment i am so into the FF game, breathtaking graphics, superb storyline, nice battle system - making more sleepless nights for a rabid player like me. Maybe i was so attached with the story because of the nice conversations/one liners they put into it, Somehow i can relate to them, and wished i have said those lines too or someone have said it to me... and now i wanna share some of it here:

When I couldn't see a future and I was afraid. When the future was clear and it hurt to see, I just close my eyes and lose myself in happier days.

Seems we are going to say good bye, better do it with a smile.

Kindess like his, you never forget.
- Vanille (About Sazh)

I might as well have tired to stop the rain. I fought the tears..but they still fell... ill be fine its only water...

Knowing you'll always be welcomed, no matter how much has changed...That's what having a home is all about

No one ever said the future would be easy. But I think we all saw the glimmer of a dream, somewhere in the sky that night. The tiniest spark of hope that we can change our fate. Who could say? That moment has come and gone.

And what if that gets people around you involved? What happens when your actions end up ruining someone's life. What if someone dies? What then, Snow? How do you pay for what you've done?
- Hope to Snow

You can't drop the breakup bomb like that. Being alone's all right, I guess. Yep. Always was until we met. But then we did. And now I know there's something better: being with you. We've come too far to quit now.

Sometimes things seems easier when you look at them from a distance, you know?

It not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do.

Don't touch anything. Control your emotions. If you want to survive, you forget about sympathy How can I explain? Think of it like a strategy. Focus on your ultimate goal and shut out everything else. Still you mind. Move on instinct. Let doubt take over, and despair will cripple you.

Fighting without hope is no way to live. It's just a way to die. I want you to find the hope you were named for. Staying alive, I can help you with. But I can't--I can't give you hope...
-Lightning to Hope

I made him a promise.I promised him to keep going, and do what I had to. He said only I would know what that was. The world's full of lies. There's no way of knowing what's right. All we can do believe on ourselves It's easy to sit back and let people trick you. From here on out I use my own eyes. Think. And act. I might not make all the right choices. But as long as I'm the one who decided what to do, there's nothing regret.

Well, you know, sometimes you have to lie about stuff. To keep yourself going, because you afraid. Or to protect someone else, so they don't get hurt. Sometimes, even the things that everyone in the whole worlds think are true turn out to be lies. At the end of the day, though, it's not the lie that matter, but what you do after you tell it. Work hard enough, and you can make it true.



  1. ang rich naman...

    sucks that walang english release yung ff13 for xbox360 here in asia!!! can't play the thing. have to buy ps3 soon.

  2. I LOVE the FF Series! Been playing it since FF7. Havent played FFXII and FFXIII yet! Im so jealous!

  3. baklang bakla ang mga lines hihihihi

  4. @Eternal Wanderer ako ba ang iyong Final Fantasy? hihi. ikaw talaga.

    @Engel - wala ba. aysus buti hindi ko hinintay yang sa xbox. hehe

    @Knoxxy - sige pahiramin kita ng game pagkauwi ko hehe.

    YJ - oist hindi namn masyado. =P