Monday, May 24, 2010


As I, Cj and Gripen sat comfortably on the corner table of the Yellow cab at MOA, the orders have been taken, the food was served and we were just waiting for the two other “special persons” who will join us (one was John). Waiting was my cup of tea ever since, patience, i have lots of them, its just a matter of time for them to join us. We were enjoying our chit chat when this very peculiar person came towards our table. He wears a red polo shirt, the kind of color that makes his skin glow as if hes a star of a moonless night, jeans that not necessarily fit his thighs but just enough to know hes slim as a model on the runway. He also carries a bag just like an ordinary kid on the block ready for school, a necklace and a black watch to accessorize him. His white sneakers just fits his style. Armed with a cute smile and a soft hand for a firm handshake, a true friendship was sealed between the two of us.

He sat on the chair opposite mine and we were face to face. Now I can see clearly his face and I so adore his fair skin tone and remarked: “And puti mo…” which he replied gleefully: “Salamat sa Glutathione” and we started to laugh. His deep and manly voice can somehow be similar to a commanding officer of a battalion at war and his nice smile can win a thousand and one hearts, that’s for sure. The night was very long, ive heard him sing, saw him drinking beer, watched him enter the cab, walked with him in every way possible… that was a night worth reminiscing. Firsts were always special, that’s true… Though he came late, he will never be at the bottom of my list, in fact hes one of few people on the top. He’s Dave, and we both love Instant Pancit Canton…

Ive first known Dave through his former blog “The Instant Pancit Canton Life”, and though we haven’t had enough connection that time, it was but a nice start between the two of us. We were not as close as this when I started to visit his blog nor we were regular textmates for that matter. The mystery in his being stayed and was preserved just until that time we met in that fateful night of well mannered escapade.

Our adventures didn’t end that night, it was just the beginning of a lifetime relationship, with a person whom you barely knew yet you wanted him to be part of yourself, someone to talk to, to laugh with or to walk through the rain. It was a great feeling that you have been accepted to who and what you are and in turn to show how much you care for a friend that you just saw once. Somehow it feels strange that you have found what you need, but you cannot keep it for yourself… well of course for others to share the beauty, the flower should remain on the stem or a star should remain on the sky, until otherwise it has fallen to land on the palms of the one who deserves you(or by using a babylon candle... right Dave?). Hehe referencing to one of our favorite films Stardust.

ENCHANTMENTS really do happen, me Grips and Dave, had – in my heart, had a special connection that cannot be denied. The gang decided to spend a day in Enchanted Kingdom, excitement and thrilled, I asked Dave to be with me as early as possible for us to be there at the time when the park opens. And there we were sitting side by side on the bus that will take us there, a little bit awkward I presume, but nonetheless special. He wore a black shirt with bold letters that says “WORLD WITHOUT STRANGERS” … Indeed the stranger that once was called dave is now close and is now DAVE to me, a friend, not a stranger anymore. I forgot the details on what we have talked and laughed about, but im pretty sure it was about the good things in life. We have been together for quite sometime now and its fun to note we rode the bus, the jeep, the tricycle, the MRT together, crossed the noisy streets of busy Manila, enjoyin every minute of it. And there we were walking and smiling. It was my first time on the amusement park, and we were like children, amused on the rides, screaming our lungs out (well dave, I know your smiling right at this very moment, when I used the word “scream” I think this rings a bell? Hehe) enjoying the pretty faces that we met (hmmm the orange guy, where is he?) and lots and lots of things. It was a great thing to know that someone is around to share the happiness you feel.

IN The days of November 2007, I have become close to Dave, A true friend indeed. We shared two more events together, both lunch dates with other blog friends. On the last date that we were together, he promised to give me something special and indeed it was. He gave me DIANNE. ;)

She is something that grows and will live forever and ever. An intuitive feeling, a scent or a flavor that stays, it’s a permanent season- either Sumer sunshine forever or Springtime in Paradise for eternity, something that you cant live without. She’s an assurance, a promise and the best thing in life… She is friendship between two souls separated by distance and time, sorrow and happiness, but nonetheless joined by love, respect, trust, care and hope.

Well its really strange that someone like Dave befriended someone like me. What I mean is we were almost opposite, but we clicked. Its something that you cant buy in the store, or can be planted on the soil… this is not something that you can see everyday or hear in the news… Between me and Dave, its some connection that can never be altered by time or space, though its really hard to be separated by distance to a friend who has been a special part of your soul, its somehow strange that he will always be in you no matter what, if you know what I say… it’s a mystery really.

Dear Dave,

Ambilis ng panahon ano? Its been years since we first met each other. Its just a matter of time that we will see each other again. We are not certain what will happen tomorrow but im pretty sure well make it in the end of the road together with our friends. Youre definitely loved by people who you have touched in more ways than you have expected. Youre definitely a star from the sky to turn the stone to Ruby, or the flower that protects the wearer and brings charm and luck to everyone. Youre a prince in disguise, a knight among the peasants and a fairy to offer his fairy dusts for flight. Definitely, youll always be in my heart and of course always remembered. Thank you dave… my heart is overwhelmed with the thought that you always finds time to send me something that makes me go on, in this sad place. Its not just something, but its one of the greatest thing that a person can do to a soul… a lifeline, an oxygen tank, friendship uncomparable… I hope I have given you reasons why I am worthy of the friendship we have, and I do hope you can feel my presence in every word I say and every lines I create.

Anyhow, as usual lagi naman ako dramatic actor, gaya lang ako sa iyo… hehe, at least hindi masyadong nosebleed and I know you know what I mean… Take care of yourself Dave, and always remember I am here. Destiny has taken his part to intertwine our lives together, and I have chosen to walk with you – ready to take your hand when we need to run, to swim you ashore,to carry you when youre tired and to lift your head high to see how beautiful life is…

You deserve to be happy and I wish you all the best things in life – good health, sound mind, healthy heart, long life and wonderful days with your true love. God bless you, your family and all the persons you love and who loves you, and again I thank God I found you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE! I miss you terribly and ill see you soon...




  1. a two year old entry...

    its nice to look back... =D

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaw....ang sweet sweet.... naiimagine ko lang si Dave kung ano itsura niya nung mga panahon na nasa kuwento mo... hihihii

    magpapainom daw siya.... sana nandito ka... :)