Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bombarda Musica

Noon. The sun was in his most shining glory, there were no clouds up in the sky, the day was clear, the temperature was high- scorching the dried skin of a man passing thru the empty field of desert sand. Clutching his phone in his right hand, his left on his empty pocket. He searched for the song of the moment, he misses someone - truly, the song he oftentimes associate to him, a long lost friend. The Mp3 player on the phone was on shuffle mode... he pressed PLAY.

"I miss you old friend, can i hold you? And though its been a long time, old friend, do you mind?" I Miss You Old friend, Loretta Devine

But he asked himself “the good question is, does he miss me too. Does he still know who am i?” The next song left him dumbfounded. The only person who knows why would be him.

“……magpakailanmay hindi magbabago, magpahanggang wakas mananatili ka sa puso… at kahit na kalian pa may ikaw parin…” Kailan Pa May Ikaw, Christian Bautista

“Really” he whisphered as he entered his messy room. But somehow he smiled. There were no more hurt, no more pain, he can actually smile now whenever he remember the old times. But the scar would always be there, reminding how fragile one soul can be. he wondered why there was no anger, anger that was supposed to fill his empty cup, he can only think of one thing, he wasnt capable of filling a cup full of rage. Surprisingly the next song on the shuffled player serendipitously reminded how human he can be and how love can make some people stay even when left behind without even a sign of redemption.

“ When you lower me down, so deep that I can get out. When youre lost, lost and lone, yes youd think it was the last place youd come back for more…” – If You Don’t Wanna Love Me, James Morrison

That made him smile bigtime, this guy has always came back for more, bled him dry until nothing was left. It wasnt all the guys fault, half of it was his'... he let him do it. Then hed thought, love will never find him. For as long as he lives the ghost of this past will always remain, the shadow of his very existence, an impeccable blemish that may never be resolved. But he continues to hope. Hope that love really moves in mysterious ways. That was the next random song, one of the few that he commonly associate to him and the past.

“its always so surprising when love appears over the horizon… which only proves love moves in mysterious ways…” Love Moves in Mysterious Ways, Nina

How surprising that four of the songs played one after another were previously dedicated only to one person. He challenged destiny that if the next song was related to their story too, then he guessed there is still a future for both of them together, as friends. And guess what the next song was:

“So now im leaving yesterday behind, finally I made up my mind to let the memory stay away…” Leaving Yesterday Behind, Karylle

It confused him really. It was his moving on/letting go song for him, but still destiny answered… And he knew very well what it was.

He knew what should be done or rather what should not be done, it was not his call anymore.

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