Monday, March 8, 2010

...can never again...

I was playing with my Sony Ericsson P990 when Kuya Omar sat beside me and told me something that touched me.

“Yan ba yung Sony Ericsson P990? Hinihiling sa akin yan ng anak ko dati, kaso…”
He wasn’t able to finish his sentence. I knew from the moment I saw the sadness in his eyes as he fell silent beside me, that there is something significant with this celphone model. Ive heard from friends that his daughter succumbed to leukemia a few years back, maybe just maybe this was one of the requests of his daughter to him that he wasn’t able to give.

“Yan kasi ang hinihingi nya sa akin bago sya namatay…”

“Palagi nga nyan ako tinetxt ng jokes, tawa ako ng tawa…”

My heart melted.


In just a matter of days Kaloy will have his yearly vacation. He was very excited for this, he even had few surprises for his family especially his daughter who was a recent graduate of a computer course. Kaloy bought a laptop for her, a very special surprise indeed.

Then yesterday he received a phone call from his wife.

“Kelan ba uwi mo…?”

“Sa a-bente nga…”

“Bakit hindi pa bukas…?”

“Hindi ko naman control yun, syempre me schedule na dapat sundin…”

“Umuwi ka na… kasi wala na ang anak natin…”

I cried in secret after hearing this story from his room mate.

The laptop inside the box lost its meaning; it was never touched by the person to whom it was meant to be.

“Ano pa ba ang silbi ng paghihirap natin dito kung ang pinapasaya natin na nasa malayong lugar ay hindi na natin makikita at mapapasaya kailanman…?”
“Kaya nga tayo nandito para sa kanila…”



It was heartbreaking to know the mere fact that they haven’t even told them how much they love their daughters and how much they want to give their life in exchange for their happiness, how they are willing to give them everything for their happiness in exchange for all the hardships and trials that face them day after another in a foreign land.

It was so sad to know that just a simple wish from a dying love one can hunt you for eternity, thinking that you have failed the person, even though it is not really true. Then you will think that she can never again send another text message that will brighten your gloomy day.

It was so heart wrenching to know that you have sacrificed a few meals of the days of your life just to buy something special for your loved one that you know certainly would make her smile, that in the end all the effort would be useless, she can never again type another e-mail to you.


Please tell the people you love what you feel… Tell them how much you love them… Before its too late…

Was crying while writing this post, i remember someone, some incident that happened a year ago... about death too. its just that its so hard to hear that someone is leaving you for good without even saying how much you love him...


  1. my prayers sa family nung nawalan ng anak. =(

  2. take care mink..

  3. 'Please tell the people you love what you feel… Tell them how much you love them… Before its too late…'

    especially if your loved ones are miles away...