Monday, March 22, 2010

Action Figure



Last November 2009 there was an exibit of sort at SM Megamall A and what caught my attention was this collection of GUNDAM action figures. I am not a big fan of the Gundam series but i did have my fair share of robot action games/tv series during my younger years, thanks to Voltes V, Bioman, Maskman, Shaider and all those robot/sentai series shown during my childhood days.


I remember this vividly. Some 15 years ago, me and my youngest brother went to Manila with our Ninang to visit our cousin. We went malling, and my brother saw this Son Gokou action figure and he wants to have it. I told him to tell our Ninang to buy it and he did what i have told him to do. And then my Ninang confronted me that why would i encourage my brother to ask something that she can never give, coz its a lil costly for a toy. What i did was, i gave my money to her, i think it was 100 pesos, it was all of my "baon" for that trip, touched, she bought the action figure and my brother was Happy.


Younger brother wants a new Play Station 3 Slim console and a God of War 3 game. ill buy him at the end of the month, and of course, ill use it first, hehe.

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  1. I wouldn't give him a PS3, I would lend it to him. What about me and my blu-rays :P

    By the way I mentioned god of war 3 figures on my blog as well.