Wednesday, March 24, 2010


♫Natatandaan mo pa ba
Inukit kong puso sa punong mangga?
at ang inalay kong gumamela
magkahawak kamay sa dalampasigan
Malayang tulad ng mga ibon
Ang gunita ng ating kahapon...

Pana-panahon ang pagkakataon
Maibabalik ba ang kahapon...?♪

Monday, March 22, 2010

Action Figure



Last November 2009 there was an exibit of sort at SM Megamall A and what caught my attention was this collection of GUNDAM action figures. I am not a big fan of the Gundam series but i did have my fair share of robot action games/tv series during my younger years, thanks to Voltes V, Bioman, Maskman, Shaider and all those robot/sentai series shown during my childhood days.


I remember this vividly. Some 15 years ago, me and my youngest brother went to Manila with our Ninang to visit our cousin. We went malling, and my brother saw this Son Gokou action figure and he wants to have it. I told him to tell our Ninang to buy it and he did what i have told him to do. And then my Ninang confronted me that why would i encourage my brother to ask something that she can never give, coz its a lil costly for a toy. What i did was, i gave my money to her, i think it was 100 pesos, it was all of my "baon" for that trip, touched, she bought the action figure and my brother was Happy.


Younger brother wants a new Play Station 3 Slim console and a God of War 3 game. ill buy him at the end of the month, and of course, ill use it first, hehe.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Northern Sky by Nick Drake

Nicholas Rodney Drake
19 June 1948 To 25 November 1974 (aged 26)

I never felt magic crazy as this
I never saw moons knew the meaning of the sea
I never held emotion in the palm of my hand
Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree
But now you're here
Brighten my northern sky.

I've been a long time that I'm waiting
Been a long that I'm blown
I've been a long time that I've wandered
Through the people I have known
Oh, if you would and you could
Straighten my new mind's eye.

Would you love me for my money
Would you love me for my head
Would you love me through the winter
Would you love me 'til I'm dead
Oh, if you would and you could
Come blow your horn on high.

I never felt magic crazy as this
I never saw moons knew the meaning of the sea
I never held emotion in the palm of my hand
Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree
But now you're here
Brighten my northern sky


I love this song. The song that ends my favorite film Serendipity.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Originally uploaded by Cloud_AirHeart


A picture of our chemical logbook indicating 58 samples analyzed yesterday. The last two were pure white sugar cane crystals


Today is Tatay's 58th Birthday. Tatay is a farmer that makes me a farmer too. I had a fair share of planting sugar cane on the field adjacent to our house, Soil, mud and sugar canes were my friends during my youth as well as the carabaos that help us plow and enrich the land. Ill be forever grateful to tatay and his sugar cane field for giving life to me and my brothers.


"MAMANG-OS ng Tubo" was my favorite hobby when i was young. Me and my cousins will get one ripe sugar cane go to my Tatay for him to remove the thick skin and voila instant merienda during those hot afternoons.

Mamang-os means to chew something.

Happy Birthday Tatay! I love you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nakalimutang Pag-ibig sa Tag-ulan

Ni Ulap 14.03.10

Paano nga ba umibig ang hangin ng tag-ulan?
Saan nya iniuukit ang pusong hindi mahagip
Hindi naman para laging langit
Minsan ang pag-ibig parang hangin

Kung ang lahat ay may dahilan
Kailangan pa bang sabihing ang pag-ibig
Ay hanging hindi nakikita, di mapipigilan
Hindi pwedeng hawakan, ngunit nararamdaman
Pagkat pag ikaw ay lumisan, tiyak na
Ang hanging amihan, hindi tatahan.

Paano nga kaya umibig ang ulap sa ulan
Hindi niya kayang hawakan siya ng walang hanggan
Darating ang umaga, kailangan bitiwan
Aasa sa init ng pag-ibig, na ang ulay muling iangat
Mula sa basang pisngi ng lupang uhaw sa kanyang yakap

Kung ang paghihiwalay ay may dahilan
Parang proseso ng buhay, paulit ulit, walang paalam
Ngunit, bakit ang ulap lagi ang naghihintay
At umaasang ulan ay makamtan
Sa kabila ng kanyang paghihintay, iiwanan din naman.

Sa paghihiwalay ng ulap at ulan
Sa pagsamyo ng bulaklak sa banayad na hangin
Alam mo na ba ang kahulugan ng pag-ibig?
Wala sa ulap, ulan o hanging malamig.
Nasa pusong nagbibigay lamang ng walang kapalit.

Sumilip na ang araw
Hinaplos na ng hangin
Nagparaya na ang ulap
Upang unos ay hindi mamalagi

Masaya ka ba?
Na hindi natin nakita ang bahagharing dulot ng napigilang unos?
Na hindi natin naramdaman ang ligayang dulot ng hanging amihan?
Na ikaw ang ulang hindi na babalik sa ulap ng kalangitan
Na akoy talagang hangin lamang, na hindi mo nakikita
Na hindi mo naramdaman o kayay binigyang halaga.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


FALLIN' (?), originally uploaded by Cloud AirHeart.

"When do we know its time to FALL?"


Ive decided to resurrect my old Photoblog. To spice up my daily life and additional challenge, ganito ako pag stagnant, stressed at bored.


Monday, March 8, 2010

...can never again...

I was playing with my Sony Ericsson P990 when Kuya Omar sat beside me and told me something that touched me.

“Yan ba yung Sony Ericsson P990? Hinihiling sa akin yan ng anak ko dati, kaso…”
He wasn’t able to finish his sentence. I knew from the moment I saw the sadness in his eyes as he fell silent beside me, that there is something significant with this celphone model. Ive heard from friends that his daughter succumbed to leukemia a few years back, maybe just maybe this was one of the requests of his daughter to him that he wasn’t able to give.

“Yan kasi ang hinihingi nya sa akin bago sya namatay…”

“Palagi nga nyan ako tinetxt ng jokes, tawa ako ng tawa…”

My heart melted.


In just a matter of days Kaloy will have his yearly vacation. He was very excited for this, he even had few surprises for his family especially his daughter who was a recent graduate of a computer course. Kaloy bought a laptop for her, a very special surprise indeed.

Then yesterday he received a phone call from his wife.

“Kelan ba uwi mo…?”

“Sa a-bente nga…”

“Bakit hindi pa bukas…?”

“Hindi ko naman control yun, syempre me schedule na dapat sundin…”

“Umuwi ka na… kasi wala na ang anak natin…”

I cried in secret after hearing this story from his room mate.

The laptop inside the box lost its meaning; it was never touched by the person to whom it was meant to be.

“Ano pa ba ang silbi ng paghihirap natin dito kung ang pinapasaya natin na nasa malayong lugar ay hindi na natin makikita at mapapasaya kailanman…?”
“Kaya nga tayo nandito para sa kanila…”



It was heartbreaking to know the mere fact that they haven’t even told them how much they love their daughters and how much they want to give their life in exchange for their happiness, how they are willing to give them everything for their happiness in exchange for all the hardships and trials that face them day after another in a foreign land.

It was so sad to know that just a simple wish from a dying love one can hunt you for eternity, thinking that you have failed the person, even though it is not really true. Then you will think that she can never again send another text message that will brighten your gloomy day.

It was so heart wrenching to know that you have sacrificed a few meals of the days of your life just to buy something special for your loved one that you know certainly would make her smile, that in the end all the effort would be useless, she can never again type another e-mail to you.


Please tell the people you love what you feel… Tell them how much you love them… Before its too late…

Was crying while writing this post, i remember someone, some incident that happened a year ago... about death too. its just that its so hard to hear that someone is leaving you for good without even saying how much you love him...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A New Day Has Come

...and the world thought i had it all, but i was waiting for you...


I was catching butterflies while you are playing basketball on the courtyard of stone. The scent of the roses gave me an intentionally nice feeling, to stop what im doing, and watch your sweaty body as it gracefully moves while delivering the ball to the basket. You saw me and asked me to play with you, but I replied to you that I’m doing some butterfly collection for my project in Science. How’d I wish, I can play with you… to feel your body, to smell the perfume that you wear, to hold your hands tightly, to whisper I love you… but I cant, I know you cant understand me, im just your friend… howd I wish I could be beside you when you say “FATHER, I DO”

During the CLASS OUTING, we did camping near the river, you served as our leader, always guiding us on what to do and what to expect. Life indeed has been good for both of us. As you were preparing the nights bonfire, you have accidentally burned yourself, I immediately approached you in hopes to personally mend your burned skin, then the nurse of the group approached you… Howd I wish I can take away your pain… to make you at ease… howd I wish I can assure you that everythings gonna be okay, to hold your hands tightly, to whisper I love you… but I can’t, I know you can’t understand me, im just your friend… howd I wish I could be beside you when you say “FATHER, I DO”

I was the president of our class organization while you became the escort of the muse; you have previously told me you have a crush on her. The feeling was awful, I really can’t explain why. But because I loved you, I had personally nominated you as our class escort, and I know you’re happy. Came the Acquaintance Party, and there I saw you with her, your muse, now a girlfriend, the music was mellow as I remember. You saw me and invited me to dance; I said carry on and enjoy the party for I have some other things to attend to. How’d I wish, I can dance with you… to feel your body, to smell the perfume that you wear, to hold your hands tightly, to whisper I love you… but I can’t, I know you can’t understand me, im just your friend… howd I wish I could be beside you when you say “FATHER, I DO”

There you were waving your hand in the center of the stage, you have graduated cum laude and I was so proud of you. You approached and thanked me for the friendship and all the support that I have given you. While you were tossing your toga, your long time girlfriend approached you and, you kissed and hugged her… Howd I wish I could kiss you… and feel your body, to smell the perfume that you wear, to hold your hands tightly, to whisper I love you… but I can’t, I know you can’t understand me, im just your friend… howd I wish I could be beside you when you say “FATHER, I DO”

There you are, walking down the aisle while I am waiting for you near the altar. My Long white dress reaches the floor. You are also Clad in White, you walked like an Angel. The smooth face that you possess and the eyes that seems teary, focused on my place as you whispered Thank You then I LOVE YOU. And as you sat there, near the altar, I thought to myself that my wish has been granted, you are there ALMOST beside me…

“Jerome Do you take Michelle as your wife…” I said to him


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sulat ni Ulap

Naranasan mo na ba na ibigay ang lahat ng makakaya mo, pero kulang pa rin, hindi mo pa rin mapupunan, iiwan ka pa rin?

Naranasan mo na ba na gawin ang lahat lahat, ibigay ang oras at lakas mo, puso at kaluluwa pero pag ikaw naman ang nailangan hindi naman nila ibabalik ang pang unawang kailangan mo?

Akala ko noon pag naging mabait ako, masunurin, mapagmahal, maalalahanin, hindi nila ako masasaktan, ma iimmune ako sakit. Doon ako mali, yun pala ang dahilan upang ako ay maabuso at masaktan. Simulat sapul, naging tapat ako, hindi ako kalianman lumiko ng landas, gusto ko sana makapaglingkod ng tapat, pangakong hindi mang iiwan sa ere. Ibinigay ko ang makakaya ko buong puso at kaluluwa. Hanggat may lakas kakayanin ko. Wala ako noong panahon sa panghihina, wala akong oras para sa pagmumuni muni, kahit sarili ko ay binawalan ko ng maraming kaligayahan, matupad lamang ang aking mga sinumpaang pangako.

Pero iniwan mo ko. Sinira mo ang pangako mo. Hinayaan mo akong mag isa. Ngayon bumabalik lahat ng sakit, hindi ko mapigilang masaktan. Naaalala ko lahat ng sakripisyo ko na pilit ko nang kinakalimutan. Paano ko nga ba kakalimutan ang kalungkutan, luha at sakit na bumalot sa nagdaang mga taon ko na ang kapalit ay para mapagbigyan ka. Pinutol mo ang nag uugnay sa ating dalawa, pinakita ko naman kung gaano ka kaimportante sa akin, pinalitan ko naman iyon diba ng hindi matatawarang dedikasyon at pagmamahal? Pero isang araw lang naman ang hinihingi ko, isang gapiranggot na pag alala mula sa iyo, hindi mo pa naibigay gayung ilang taon ang ginugol ko para mapagbigyan ka. Hinabol kita, hinintay kong tuparin mo pa rin ang pangako mo, paulit ulit, paulit ulit. Ngunit bigo akong marinig mula sa iyong labi kahit simpleng salamat. Ganun mo kadaling kinalimutan lahat, lahat-lahat.

Nakapagdesisyon na ako, iiwan na kita ng tuluyan. Wala man kasiguraduhan ang aking patutunguhan, katulad din iyon nung simula na makilala kita, walang kasiguraduhan, pero mas handa ako ngayon. wala na yung mabait, wala na yung masunurin, wala na yung mapagmahal, wala na yung maaalalahanin. May pagkatanga nga ako pero madali akong matuto.


Sulat para sa aking kumpanyang hindi pinahalagahan ang aking importansya, dedikasyon at pagmamahal. Parang ibang tao na mahilig magpaasa, mang iwan, manggamit...