Sunday, February 14, 2010


By Cloud A. Heart
February 14, 2006

Suddenly, I stopped & realized
You are not there by my side
To dry all the tears that ive cried,
And suddenly,
Youre not there to say Goodnight...

Suddenly, I looked up and gazed above (the sky)
You used to be the brightest star (of night)
That guides me and brings me light
And suddenly,
The clouds erased you from my sight.

Chorus I:
Suddenly I'm standing all alone
In this pit of darkness, cold as stone
Wishin you are here to guide my life
The one who'll bring the light
Suddenly im falling on a cliff
But my wings are torn and cant be fixed
All my dreams were shattered at that time
Like a broken glass of wine...

Suddenly, i learned that you have someone new
Someone who feels the same way too
He took your smile away
and suddenly,
Your love start to fade away

Chorus II
Suddenly I'm sailing all alone
Hoping you are here to calm the storm
The only one who can stop the rain
And ease the pain
Suddenly I'm battling all my fears
The strenght that i will need
The wounds to heal
The only one who can unlock the chain
And help me win this game...

All of a sudden you are not here
Another broken promise
Another room to fill
With blurred rainbows and black mornings
what happened to us,
to suddenly cut the rings
that ties us both
That mends the lies
Which makes every morning seems goodbye.

Suddenly im close to being new...
But i know it will always me and you...

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