Thursday, February 25, 2010

His Signature Smile

It was Friday, and it has become a custom for expats in our company to attend a ‘Bible study’ led by two persons who are member of a religious Christian sect that originated some hundred years ago. It was a cool night, while traversing the path from the managers Villa to the Villas occupied by the majority of the workers; I can’t help but adore the moonless night, yes the little tiny twinkling lights are there still, waiting for dreamers to catch them as they fall to the ground. But hey this tale is not about the stars that I saw in the sky that night; this is about the stars that I saw in someone’s eye.

I was there sitting on the couch, waiting for the show to start. I was looking forward not on the pre-recorded TV evangelical show nor the free arrozcaldo that they prepared, but more than anything else, I am looking forward to see Enchong again. This was one of the rare moments that I see him on his shorts, smooth legs exposed, most especially- I can rub my shoulders against his. It has been his practice to get the seat next to mine for reasons still unknown to me.

Somehow I developed one trait when it comes to dealing with persons I am digging or crushing, I get touchy- meaning I touch them whenever I got a good chance, (somehow subconsciously) not on sensitive parts (but given the chance I will, LOL), firm taps on shoulders will do or on their waist. I only apply this whenever I feel that we have bonded as close friends already.

Then he was there beaming his signature smile, captivating pearly whites, and that air of cute confidence. As always he took the seat next to mine and golly wow he smells good. “maybe he sprayed a little so I can definitely smell him” told my brain. Aside from his eyes, I fancy his neck too, its so smooth I want to plant some kisses but whoops this aint the right place and the right time to think some malicious thoughts. Ok Ok. So as the people get comfy on their seats, the show started.

“I-add mo naman ako sa friendster…” Enchong whispered to me, as the minister started reading specific verses from the Bible concerning a topic raised by viewers. He handed me his mobile phone for me to type my email address. I handed the phone again to his hands, and then from there I saw his crotch. Did he accidentally pulled his shirt up so I could have a good view of that lump covered only by his shorts. “Hoshet” I told my self.

From there onwards I cannot concentrate on the person talking on TV. I had full view of his semi erected (I think so) something under his shorts. Numerous times I had to look at it, when he asked me too to add him on his Facebook, when he borrowed my phone for him to check this “dice” application, or when he asked me what version of mobile opera I am using. He was there to distract me, and I was willing to be distracted even though we were the only ones who were talking to each other in whispers of course. After an hour or so, the Bible show was finished, and the gathered people one by one vacated their place. Except for me and Enchong.

“Maybe I could make the first move, again?” “maybe I could ask him to accompany me to his room” “can I hold his hand now?” my thoughts were racing against each other.

“Ano ba yung twitter na yan?” he pointed at my phone as I was checking the tweets.

“ahh ehh…” I stammered

“Gagawa nga rin ako nyan, ano ba website nyan, I add moko ha…”


We sat together as we ate our free dinner, again it has always been him at my side during Friday night dinner. It has become a custom. After we ate our dinner, because I haven’t “toured their entire villa accomodation” he volunteered to show me the places where they usually stay.

“Dito ka na kasi matulog, doon sa kwarto, lika punta tayo doon…”

“Ahhh ehh..” my heart skipped a beat.

He showed me the kitchen, bathrooms, Toilets, laundry area, TV room… and then there we were, in front of his room.

“Eto room namin.” He pointed at the big black number 6 on the door.

He lifted his face up and our eyes met each other, I saw stars in his eyes, I cant explain how those million stars in the sky could fit in those sockets. Amazed, I was. Enthralled, I am. In love, I hope not. Still wearing his gorgeous smile and showing off his pearly whites he slid his hands into his pockets for his keys.

“Wala sa akin ang susi nasa kasama ko, Next time ko na lang siguro papakita sa iyo kwarto ko.”

I smiled a sweet smile.


“Wag ka muna kasi umalis dito, two years pa, sabay na tayo.”

“Hindi na kasi ako Masaya dito eh.”

“Andito naman ako, kami, maghahappy happy tayo dito. Wag mo muna kami iwan.”



As I was writing this kakasilip lang niya, uwian na daw. Todo smile pa. Haha.


  1. waaaah. sobrang kinikilig ako!!


  2. hehehe.. higad na virgin hihihi..
    sineseduce ka nya pare

  3. OMGosh!!! Kuya Cloud!! what if sya na! sya na!!!!

    haha. panu kung umalis ka tapos sya paa ung para sayo??!?!?!


    nanggugulo lang,
    (miss na kita kuya!!!!)

  4. @engel ahaha hindi naman syado nakakakilig ahh

    @dabo you think so too...? hihihi

    @Santino ikaw ba ay si ano o si ano? kung kami nga ang para sa isat isa, eh di kahit umuwi ako kami parin, gets? hehehe. i doubt kung sya nga. ahahaha.