Monday, February 1, 2010

The February Song

Look at us, so far away
im afraid that you are
a broken bridge away...
Im still here...
reminiscing the good-old days
killing the pain
healing what have been scorched

Used to be's are no more
scars wont fade,
even the tears- dries and fades
and loneliness is always a blink away
i can unfreeze your cold heart
and refresh the hanged feelings
But were broken, can we ever mend ?

just please step on the break
for us to survive
our life is ahead
dont fret- take my hand, both of it
unto our oasis
My light is exclusively yours
just open your heart
and read the words in my eyes
when will you let me see yours?

ill pick up the pieces one by one
dont worry, its my choice
until im broken and empty
I hope you feel that i miss you, old friend
dont let the red be invaded by blue
yes, yesterdy seems so far away
forget the idle past, at least we have tomorrow

realizing that dreaming
is for lazy people like me
But where are we?
Can we get something our of this
dont change, change is forgetting
yes, you turned your back and walk away
but i will always see your face in every dying day


  1. parinig mo kaya yan sa amin kapag nagkita kita ulit tayo!

  2. @anteros salamat!

    @wanderer and geek... sige one day parinig ko sa inyo, hehe (nag feeling taylor swift, hehe)