Saturday, January 9, 2010

Worth Leaving/Living

Do right time and right place occur when it comes to love? Or is it the other way around- everythings wrong but it turned out that with love alone, its the right thing all along, or at times jumbled?

It has been said that the first love is the most memorable relationship for a woman. The first TRUE love will signify the maturity of the woman and will leave a deep impact on her being. For a man, First love doesn’t matter. Man by nature is polygamous so it will be evident for almost all guys to have multiple relationships. Most of the time men are focused on the quantity of the girls they fling while the ladies are more on the quality of the relationship they’re into. So therefore the last love of men will be most important for them for this will be the point where the fun of being single stops and responsibility takes place.

I just have to ask myself, what category do I belong? True love I haven’t felt yet, I thought the last time I love it was true but it was not. James will never qualify for true love, unrequited perhaps, i never regretted anything. James made it sure that i feel that i am a person worth leaving behind after all the reasons that i have come up to why he was the person worth living and fighting for...


It’s true that in our lives, we can never tell who we are going to end up with in the future. In Love, once you get lost, it’s going to be so difficult for you to find your way back, very hard to regain something that we have freely given. Along the way, you might hurt those people whose only fault is to love you truly, madly and deeply, though it had never been your intention to do so, its never right to hurt someone. But in loving a person, you must always think that there are always two possibilities that might happen. First, you’ll be happy because the one that you love also loves you that much or secondly, you might get hurt, because the one that you love can never give back the love that you gave him because someone already owns his heart. If loving someone who cannot love you back makes you happy, then go and stay happy. Its your right to be happy! But if the love you feel for someone is a burden, makes you cry, makes you wanna go back in time in order to erase that someone in your life- but still youre hoping to the highest heavens that he might love you back even though its impossible to happen... You must know that there is something wrong. You are inflicting so much pain in your system that you alone have brought to yourself, that you alone can commence its end. And if you dont take necessary steps and you continue with the bitterness, then im pretty sure one by one people will drop you and label you as delusional. Your friends may get tired of the unending drama. There is so much things in life that are worth the time and can take the empty space in the heart, and will make you happy, consume it, seek it, share it and leave the bitterness and the false hope behind.

In the end, whatever the outcome might be, you should be contented and happy because you’re a person with a loving heart, a person who knows how to love. Sooner or later you will know the difference of people worth leaving behind and the people worth living and fighting for. Just a pity if it takes too much time for people to figure out the difference, a lot of good oppurtunities and chances have already passed you by only to be disheartened one more time.

Love is not a posession that is kept within yourself, it is a burning fire that is meant to be shared- its light and warmth to people, never diminishing, continously burning... - Cloud

Oo di tayo humihingi ng kapalit kapag nagmamahal tayo. Pero pag ang pagmamahal natin ay di nasusuklian ng tama at puro na lang mali, kailangan ng matutong sumuko at bigyan ng pagkakataon na buuin ulit sarili. "KAILANGAN KO NG SUMUKO DAHIL TULUYAN NA AKONG MASISIRA PAG DI PA AKO SUMUKO." - a friends FB shout out

Pag hindi ka mahal ng mahal mo wag ka magreklamo. Kasi may mga tao rin na hindi mo mahal pero mahal ka, Kaya quits lang. - Bob Ong


  1. Oh yeah, this is true.. True love always find a way to make you happy, and it never been selfish, it is always eager to make you smile and show you the real beauty and presence of love. It is something that makes this world survive from the holocaust that happens.

    Now if we felt that love sucks, yes it might be like that way, because true love sometimes teaches us to be mature and in someways it guides us to chose the right and good for us. And on that time soon, we can figure out that it is that love who makes us mature. It is priceless..

  2. ...

    Now I think that my blog is nothing compared to yours... never posted this kinds of posts... maybe next time...

  3. at the end of the day, what matters most is that you loved and you gave it wholeheartedly.

    well, if that someone won't or can't reciprocate it, then it's hiss loss, not yours. :)