Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I recall tweeting last December that I do hope that among the new persons joining the company, a hunk/cute/handsome one be included, and I wasn’t failed by Santa Claus. Lols. He granted my wish and on Christmas day 17 new faces came to join us here in the desert, the one that took me by surprise? lets call him Enchong Cee.

It was during our Noche Buena when I first met him. They live at the outside villa while I stay at the villa inside the company premises. All pinoys gathered in our Villa to celebrate Christmas and as Enchong was taking a plateful of Pansit, that me and Milo prepared, my eyes glanced on his cute angelic face for the first time, he was smiling at me, and i smiled my sweetest smile.

At first glance he looks like Enchong Dee, very fair smooth skin, prominent nose, chinky eyes, hes around 5’5” in height, slim body, no excess fat whatsoever. Hes a cutie indeed. “Loko tong si Santa Claus, granted nga ang wish ko” I told my self, while laughing, im crushing on Enchong indeed.

During their orientation program they were scheduled at the other factory building. My workplace is at the central laboratory at the other factory. But maybe destiny has already ordered his subordinates to place Enchong in the place where I was currently working as a controller thereby allowing me to see him everyday of my life here abroad. Lols. Tsk tsk fate indeed is a very tricky business.
So I gotta know him better. I usually sat down beside him at his production line, for he was the lone pinoy there so being the friendly person that I am, I talk to him often, baka naman kasi matuyuan at umurong ang dila niya, hehe. Hes from Cagayan de oro, thus his diction is somehow “Bisaya” like, 23 years old, fresh, (lols), he has a girlfriend “daw”, he misses his family (normal), hes of Chinese descent too.

What I like most about him - he smiles so good it takes my loneliness away (kinikilig kasi) lols. I had a chance of rubbing his elbows and legs (unconsciously of course- ang flirt ko) ahahaha. At times hes so warm I cant explain the feeling. I got to look also at his flat abs during the time he was taking his shirt off at the gowning area, I just noticed he has some little cute hairs on his chest (hihihi) and his smoothness took me by surprise (like whoah) at bakit naman kasi nung naghubad sya ay nakaharap pa sa akin, hmmp. I like also his nape which is so smooth and sa tingin ko soft =P. One more thing mabango siya. Pag nakakatabi ko sya at sa iba sya nakatingin inaamoy ko sya, sniff sniff. Ahahaha =P

Well crush ko sya. Its not bad to have crushes naman diba?. But I don’t intend to love him. Pag uwi namin sa pinas, baka sakali. ahahaha. =P

BTW: I think he’s straight. Though, pag tinititigan ko siya nakikipagtitigan din sya talaga,, eye to eye, ako ang lumalayo kagad ang tingin, yoko mainlove. Wahahaha =P