Sunday, January 3, 2010


By this time you have noticed that something has changed in this site. Marami na nakapagsasabi sa akin na sa pagpasok pa lang nila sa blog na ito dati, somehow they felt sad and sadness was all over. From the dark design of the blog to the posts (sealed with tears) itself. Well that was the main purpose, really. WAITING SHADE was the one who has absorbed the pain and hurt that 2009 has inflicted on me, without my friends and this blog maybe i was a goner. So as the new year starts, let me lift the sadness, and hope that this year is a year full of TALES of LOVE and not LOSS.

Each of us has their own tale of Love and Loss. We LOVE- and give the people we love what we have inside & out- that makes us happy. We love - and then we might end up in the losing end when the people we love become what we dont want them to be - cheaters, users, liars, persons who put us down, leaves us and pushes us to the lowest of lows... But what matters most in this life is that we felt LOVE. What matters most is how we regain ourselves, preserve our spirit and stand up after each fall in order to Love again hoping this time around we will never lose. Though before all of that could happen we have to first forgive and love ourselves more, for us to move on and let go.

Heres to hoping that whenever i see a cloud in the sky, that same cloud is seen by Shade, might be in a different form or state but still the same cottony, pleasant, sweet cloud that resembles his smile. We might be separated by distance and time but im pretty sure Shade and I are in the same place under the same sky.

I am still the simple Cloud, Waiting 4 Shade.
Happy New Year my friends.


  1. positive na positive sa 2010 ah, cheers to that

  2. @thecurioscat

    dapat para naman hindi tayo kagad tumanda, hehe.

  3. so kapag positive ang gusto mo, dapat talaga may dolphin? hahaha!

  4. @jowa ni y.o.u.

    dapat talaga kasi ang dolphin ay simbolo ng talino at kapayapaan at positivism

    BTW yun eh gawa gawa ko lang. hehehe

  5. Looking forward to your entries this 2010. Happy New Year Mik!

  6. hope the upcoming posts will be as upbeat and positive as the new look

  7. Now my site looks depressing. hehe. Have a great 2010. Looking forward for your posts and to seeing you again this year.

  8. Happy New Year! I hope you'll have a great year ahead. Just stay positive and everything will be good along the way.

  9. pahabol ako, hehehe. happy new year! i like the new look. :)

    to new beginnings this 2010, cheers!

  10. nagtataka ang dolphin kung bakit marunong lumangoy ang rat...

    Dapat tayong tumulad kay rat ngayong 2010 ! nosebleed heheh.

    Happy New Year!