Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cloud Airheart

Been taking quizzes at Facebook for a period of time and i guess these three suits/mirrors my personality. though not all points are really me but majority tells who i am in true life. Thus im now called Cloud Air Heart.

Square Enix Character most parellel to you?
Coming off as aloof and disinterested, but in reality shy and insecure, you are a none other than THE Cloud Strife. A life plagued by tragedy, but blessed with strong and loyal friendships, even your darkest secrets cannot hold you down for long. No one doubts your strength, except perhaps yourself, but your friends can always convince you to keep hanging on. "I think... I want to be forgiven..."

Which ancient element are you?
Result is Air.
Hey there, Air. How are you doing? In your default form you are by far the gentlest of the elements, the most altruistic of the elements, the easiest to be around. People who are very close to you relish that closeness as if you were the oxygen they breathe. Though when you ...are such an honest and true individual sometimes it is easy for others to move through life as if you are invisible to them, pushing you around and hurting you in ways they would never imagine doing to say, water or fire. Little do they know that air can be pushed too far and all it takes is a few powerful gusts from this angry element to get a point across, though not without a rush of guilt and second thoughts to follow. Your place in the world: The genuine soul and emotional helper to those in need (A breathe of fresh air).

Which of your chakras are more open?
The Heart Chakra represents love, kindness and affection. You are able to show compassion for those around you, and are very kind in nature. You're sensitive and are able to empathise with people. You work hard at keeping frienships and relationships harmonius. Be careful that you are not suffocating people with your love, or giving love for selfish reasons.

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  1. I agree with your new name. Hello mister airheart. :)