Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Have and To Hold

Dear Shade,

Have you ever held someone’s hand so tight you don’t wanna let go? That you wished your hands have Rogue’s absorbing power but this time the power is to take away the pain? You see ive held someone’s hand, a very sincere and caring grasp; it was a first for me. Ive never actually held someone so tight, it hurts to be free from that tight grip. I was on a mission to take away the pain, but alas I don’t have the power to do that, I only have the ability to counter the pain away by smiling and joke around him and in turn make him smile too and make him feel im just gonna be around, yes far am I, but still very much present. Lots of things happened, but no feelings have been told. But yet again one thing is for sure, I care, and im willing to hold his hand again, tightly but with utmost sincerity and care, when him and I are together once more - that is, if he still needs me to hold him close.

Lots of love,



  1. ang sweet. ang lucky naman nung guy na yon. =)

  2. ang sweet ng mga tao lately sa blogosphere

  3. how sweet kakaingit ung guy na un ha..

  4. Love the monikers. :)

    And I agree with the others. That's sweet of you.

  5. sweetness is next to.... happiness!!!