Wednesday, December 2, 2009

HATEU: Hold And Tenderly Embrace U

One, Two,

No need to call my phone
Coz I changed my number today
And matter fact I think I'm moving away
Sorry, the frustration's got me feeling that way
And I just keep having
One last thing to say…


I just wanna
Hold you, Touch you, Feel you, Be near you
I miss you Baby baby baby
I'm tired of tryna fake thru
But there's nothing I can do
Boy I can't wait to HATE U
Hold And Tenderly Embrace U


  1. nice naman. i wonder who that is for.

  2. uy welcome back hehe tagal din ah
    nice entry btw

  3. phone?... haaay. may naaalala na naman ako... sorry talaga. T_T