Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flick the Lights Goodbye

Have you ever dreamed a dream that feels so true yet after you woke up in the morning youd realize its impossible to happen? The moment you open your eyes, from wet pillows and from the truth the crept from the window to your face, youd only wish that this reality be destroyed and let the darkness of yourself reign, for your dreams to continue- never wanting to wake up again.

There will come a night when no one will dream of me. Only lints of my presence will linger in their innermost thoughts. One day – time, distance and coldness will erase me from your memory, never wanting to remember the great so many things that happened and the lowly bad happenings that transpired between us… Never wanting me to be included in the dreams that visit you at night, never needing my presence that I thought was forever. But I will never erase you from mine, I always look forward to the time I flick the lights goodbye, when the darkness and me are one. The time when my eyes get tired and my thoughts run wild from blissful sleep. For it’s the only place and time I can see and feel your presence. I wanted this to last forever with or without you. If this forever ends one burning day- where dreams cease and wishes, promises and vows are taken for granted, I will stay and will be there hoping for another forever with you to start.

In my dream, I dreamed to build you a monument for me to always adore and cherish you. A physical manifestation of your beauty and impact in my life… but you were not meant to have a monument made of stone nor have a bust adorned by glamorous gems, for in time they will decay and be destroyed- erased from this cruel world. I simply built you a solid room inside my heart, and there you will stay, will be cherished, will be remembered, will be the answer to why I still dream despite all the hurt that the world has inflicted in a poor soul.

You. You will always be my dream, elusive and true. A wish made by my heart in the solitude night. The promise that brings me home. The thought the never fails to linger.

People are made to fall asleep to dream and wake up to a day in order to fulfill the wishes made through the night. Maybe someday dreams as wishes will be granted. Most of the time we had just to wake up and stand up to leave the darkness behind, never wanting to believe that some magic do exist. But one thing will remain true, waking up without you is like sleeping knowing it’s another lonely solitude night.

‘A dream is a wish your heart makes’ - Cinderella


  1. mas masarap talaga magising nang may katabi.

  2. @Prince malay mo if you keep on chasing your dream it will eventually come true

    @Boying tama ka diyan

  3. Pasingit lang po ng pagbati. Merry Christmas! :)

  4. sabi nga ni Gripen.. you have to choices,

    one, is to go to sleep and dream that dream... or

    you wake up, chase that dream and make it happen....

    gow... hugsies...:)