Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beyond the Night

Beyond the Night
by Cloud

Dusk is unfolding, hiding life’s splendor
Darkness engulfs my rainbow colored scepter
Mighty knight ill be, but my voice and sword are weak
And I cannot face the terror looming in
The gloominess of sunless melody

Lifeline cornered, lightless chaos plunders
Nightingale hums, there’s hope in thy endeavor
Close your eyes my dear, embrace the moonless night with me
And you’ll see that there is beauty lying here
No need to fear the darkness' harmony

Fortress crumbling, terrorized by lightning
Darkness seems to be as cold as polar icing
Darling cant you see, that im lonely as can be
But I trust that we will both make it through
The sadness of my soul's symphony

Hold me, trust me, absorb my warmest kisses
Reflect your thoughts, so harm will cease his efforts
Let our dreams begin, destroy the nightmare with my hymn
Let my voice surround our bastion, now in dim
To survive a night of cold summer wind

Colorless night sky, creeps to the horizon
Flowers fall prey, unwilling to dark sanctum
Its not time to rest, for its our time to test
If the darkness will invade and destroy our bonds
Don’t throw your life just to save my foolish heart

Don’t be silly, the night will leave us unscathed
Just believe, our love will be our stronghold
Lie here with me, and observe the night’s beauty
Filled with diamonds, sparkling, baby can you see?
There’s a falling star, close your eyes and make a wish

I Succumb to your undying passion
You are my life, my unending illumination

I’ll love you, all the way
Beyond the night, unto the day
And then again well both have to
Face the dusk again…
As long as im with you
Darkness will subside
As long as im with you
Dreams will survive


I hide in the darkness, just to check if your okay
Beside the willow, i crept and saw you with him
All that i can do, is just stare at your rendezvous
Though it starts to break my heart, i know its hard
Let my love to you be sacrificed...


  1. this was nice. medyo sad lang yung ending.

  2. aaaaaaaay bat ganun ang ending?


  3. parang sacrificial lamb lang in lieu of the virgin...

    ang ganda...