Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[iii] First Come, First Served

He has already requested me what he wanted and it was my job to give our orders to the attendant in the counter. When it comes to choosing which is best for both of us, I always takes his advice, the thing that he craves the most, and automatically that would also be my most favorite in the world. Those which makes the people I love happy, makes me happier.

There were three counters, all occupied simultaneously by three different individuals. In three different choices, ill only be second in line, never the priority. I guess it’s the unending rule of life: First Come, First Served.

But does that rule apply also for love? Is the lover before you more precious?

Now that the person you cherish is free from a relationship, recovering from a break up- is it about time to introduce yourself as a potential partner, turning your back to the friendship that you have?

Is choosing the person we will love truly as easy as choosing food from the enumerated and sometimes pictured delicacies printed on the illuminated signages in the counter of a fast food chain?

Can love be developed, prepared and served as quickly as the food prepared and served in a fast food chain?

Can we find true love in the person in front of us, the one who is happily eating your heart out, the unique individual that life destined you to be sharing this very special moment?

And after what has been said and done…

Can we buy “letting go” and “moving on” in the same fast food chain where we have experienced love- which was free…?


  1. Maybe they have combo meals - with "letting go" and "moving on" in it, just add "acceptance" and you'll get a biggie size "happiness"
    Me too should order it.

  2. letting go: bilis sabihin pero sakit sa pusong gawin.