Sunday, September 6, 2009


Blue car, silver pajero, colorful jeepney, a white taxi, red beetle, white car an overloaded yellow Bus…

Its already 6 in the evening and the dimlit sky is starting to accumulate angry clouds ready to wash away the dusty pavement of the granite floor of Starbucks. “He’s late again as usual” I said to myself, though a little irritated, i always manage to keep my temper cool. I think I had the gift of patience especially when my friend is named: SHAWN.

This wasn’t the first time he made me wait this long, For the record, the longest time that I spent waiting for him was around four hours, for just a measly coffee meet up. His reason: he woke up late, had to do this, and that. Fix this, fetch that. Andrew made him do those and yada yada yada yada, whatever, cant remember.

Thin man, pretty twink and a phedophile, a horde of matronas, teeny boppers, oh my gosh Gerald Anderson and Kim Chui in disguise. Sana nga lang sila yun…

“45 minutes not that bad…”. I already had my 2nd cup of frapuccino and still im alone here.

After a big fight and a few days of cold treatment by Andrew, and because I was not used to Shawn’s low morale due to the fact that Andrew wass not talking to him at all, as per planned the surprise Dinner was successfully staged on “CLOUD”, Daniel’s popular Resto. All became happy because of that, me included, I think. Anyway as a sign of gratitude of an accomplished task, Shawn invited me to the BEYONCE concert at The fort tonight. Its still early, maybe hes just a little preoccupied as of the moment.

I tried my best to call him but sad to say, his mobile phone is out of reach…

“you wont believe what im doing here, oh my gosh, para akong tanga dito…” I said while people are passing by my sole table on the corner of the coffee shop.

A sturdy voice of an almost demanding woman was heard at the other end of the line.

“You coulve invited me, pero kay Shawn ka pa sumama, eh bopols yun sa time management, at waaa planning” Karen said with a little high note on mentioning Shawn’s name.

“Hello… Libre nya kaya to. Minsan lang manlibre yung taong yun kaya I grabbed the chance. Baka naman naliligo na or on the way na…” I hopefully said

“Baka, baka, sana, sana… Hay naku, yun lang Prince ang masasabi ko, So why did you called me up nga pala, Im a little busy here, you know…”

“I just wanna have someone to talk to, napapanis na laway ko dito at natutuyuan na ako ng dugo sa kakahintay, haha… pero don’t worry may konti pang natitira” I said while laughing. “O sya, baboo na, take care ha, wish me luck na sana dumating si Shawn.”

“Still hoping? Loko ka, pumunta ka na lang mag-isa… ay oo nga pala, you don’t have the tickets Dahlin’ its with your Friend, so all you have to do is stay put and wait…!” I could see the grinning features of Karens’ face while saying these words. We said our goodbyes and hanged the phone.

Gateway mall, Pizza Hut, Araneta Coliseum, ShopWise… A hunk in blue polo Shirt crossing the street, nah its not Shawn…

“Where the hell are you…?” im going nuts, ive been here almost one and a half hour and still no replies on my txt messages and still the mobile phone is out of reach. I tried to call Andrews phone but it’s a futile attempt also…

… don’t you wanna go with me leave your cares and worries behind… (my phone ringing)

I answered the call immediately without even bothering to look on the phones LCD…

“HaynakuShawnyourlateagainnakakainis ka…” I said in a very fast manner.

“AMBILIS nun ah, isa pa nga…” the woman on the other end laughs… “So late na naman ang kaibigan mo” its my mom.

“Oh Ma… hehe, sorry, I thought youre Shawn, Oo late na naman…”

We talked just a little bit, she just checked on me and said that I better go home and just call it a day. But still I insisted to wait for Shawn coz he wont disappoint me…

A red-bluish Ferrari, a white taxi, a silver jeepney, greenish car… all were dynamically moving except me

Cute kid with mom and dad, the teeny boppers again, a mother and a twinky teenager tandem – I think so, Lolo and his Apo followed by three househelps, the guy in a blue polo shirt… all were busy and smiling except me…

“Hes not coming…” the voice was kinda familiar and as I slowly I straightened up my gaze to the guy in the blue polo shirt, I cant help but smile…

“How did you know? Take a seat Daniel… i wasnt expecting you here.” I said with a little grin on my face…

“Anukaba my family lineage is directly criss crossing to the family line of madam Auring…”

“Loko loko…” I said smiling and ready to laugh.

“Gotcha, haha. I was staring at you for the longest time, pero you wont budge. Ganito na lang Prince, I was supposed to go to the movies with a stranger, an Eye Ball, pero since hindi rin sya dumating, samahan mo na lang ako na manood, sige na pleaaaseee…”

“Sige na nga, if ever naman na dumating na si Shawn, ill just have to leave the movies and go with him, ok lang bayun Danny?’ I said inquiringly.

“Sure no prob, kung matitiis mo ba akong mag isa at nilalamig sa sinehan…”

“loko loko ka talaga no? Come on lets go…”


The dark place was a little crowded already, since we have reserved seats, we didn’t have any difficulty on reaching our place… but suddenly..

“oh my…” said Daniel “Can we exchange places with some other people on the back, it would make me dizzy if the screen is so much close…”

“Anukaba nasa kalagitnaan kaya tayo and this is the best place para mas maganda yung view natin sa screen… its not that close…”

“basta halika na dun sa may likod” and he slightly pulled me up the stairs and asked a couple -a girl and a boy to exchange seats with us. The couple was very glad to accept since our reserved place was really ideal.

“Sorry ha, you know naman na may konting problema tayo sa mata…” Danny said apologetically

“No problem, I understand…”


After 15 minutes when the film rolled... I thought Bea is still beautiful, John Lloyd look ed gorgeous, but I knew from the very start that this is not the Love story that would make me go nuts and feel good… But see the effect that the film brought to the friend beside me, “naluluha na kagad sa unang scene palang” I thought to myself. The kilig was there, pero there are some things I cannot relate to. The plot thickens at the first 30 minutes of the film, I have to commend the director and the rest of the cast for the great acting. Lalo na si Bea Saw, who was really natural sa acting.

I started to feel the story when Maja’s Character came to the scene. I was moved in her attempt to heal Lloydi’s past relationship with Bea. Maja’s character was not a third party, kalaguyo, kabet or anything in that sense. She was just in love with john Lloyd. Its just a pity she was just dumped later by John Lloyd. “Mahal kita pero” is a line with so much meaning, mostly negative. It just means “Love isn’t enough to make you stay”. “mahal kita pero” bakit may “pero” pa diba.?


The Film ONE MORE CHANCE ended and made me smile, once in a while i am glancing on the mobile phone to check on any message… “wala, none, nada, zero”

“Can we go out the cinema a little late, medyo nangingimay lang ang paa ko…” Daniel who have been crying all the time, has evidently red eyes and red nose to prove that the Film touched him so greatly it made him sob a lot of times. Literally Daniel cant stand up because of long hours of sitting, his left feet felt cramps…

“Na wi wee- wee na ako Danny, punta lang ako ng CR then ill come back and get you, ok, I just have to burst this… just wait ill be back…”

Then without second I pranced my way down…

A mom and dad tandem, teenager lovers…

“Excuse me passing through” one step down.

A grandad with his loving and pretty grand child…

“Excuse me po, pasensya napo…” another step down the stairs

Two gay friends and two ladies, a gentleman …

“makikiraan mga ateh…” another step down

A guy in a red Shirt and his partner in Velvet jacket holding his hands. “Excu…” Then a halt. The couple did not budged coz they did not saw me passing through, they just went on their way, straight to the door, while I am fixed, standing my ground, when a hand touched my right shoulder…

“Tara na, its time to go, Ipag drive na kita pauwi…” I saw not loneliness in his eyes anymore but a cheerful and apologetic pair trying to console and pick up what has been broken, again.

“Thank you Dan, for the night…”


(Later that night on the chatroom)

Shawn: uyyyyy sorry na po… kasi nagyaya si Andrew manood ng sine eh,, Grabe angganda ng ONE MORE CHANCE. Hindi mo ba nareceive and message ko sayo kanina…
Prince: Hindi eh, maybe I just missed it or there is a problem with the network. You could have called me. Nakakainis ka talaga.
Shawn: Oo na nga pasaway na ang kaibigan mo, I had my reasons din kaya hindi na tayo nagpunta.
Prince: Hay naku, yun lang.
Shawn: Feeling ko lang ako si John Lloyd.
Prince: bakit naman may halong lungkot dapat nga masaya ka dahil ikaw si John Lloyd.
Shawn: Kasi feeling ko si Andrew hindi siya si Bea…
Prince: nawiwirduhan na ako sa iyo ha, syempre ikaw si Popoy, dapat siya si Basha. Ganun lang kasimple.
Shawn: Kasi gusto ko kung ako si John Lloyd ayoko kay Bea, gusto ko si Sam Milby
Prince: Bwisit ka, loko loko. Lols


Prince: Eh Sino naman si Trisha?
Shawn: Ayyy walang magiging Trisha between me and Andrew…
Prince: Kung lumingon lingon ka lang siguro sa sinehan, nakita mo si Trisha…
Shawn: Owwws talaga lang ha…
Prince: :p
Shawn: Sye gudnyt na at pagpasensyahan mo na kaibigan mong pasaway, love you mwah mhwa… nyt nyt…


Hes Popoy
Hes Basha

And it pains me a lot to be Popoys Trisha… Loved but…

I lied down my soft bed, pulled out a small envelope that Daniel gave me before we departed, written on the envelope was:

“ill let you borrow this tonight, I think you need this…”

I opened the envelope slowly and all of a sudden tears overflowed my vision… my heart is in agony. As if one of these moments, it will burst and will take away my life…

(The card inside the envelope fell on the floor and it read: “LICENSE TO CRY”)

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  1. This is a long read but I enjoyed it. Really worth the time. Perhaps, I need to cry as well. Thanks for the license to cry. Masakit kaya lang, "mahal kita pero" pa rin ang drama. Thanks for the share.