Thursday, September 3, 2009


“Hey Daniel, I owe you a lot, you’re definitely the best.” With my eyebrows full of sweat, I definitely owe more than any other amount on what Danny has done for me tonight. Danny was the owner of the best Restaurant in town, “CLOUD”, which curiously was the favorite Resto of Andrew, Shawn’ boyfriend. In just short notice, that is, two hours, Daniel has agreed for me to rent the most special place of his fine Resto, the place they call “Cloud 9” literally table 9, due to the heavenly feel when you’re seated on the chairs.

“You know Prince, kung wala lang Boyfriend si Shawn, I definitely would conclude that you admire him, more than a friend, and im very sure my hunch is all correct.” Daniel replied smirking at my agitated face.

“Loko, Shawn is my friend… that’s, ummm, that’s why im doing this…”

“Oh my God, its true, youre stuttering…” Daniel blurted frantically.

“Hay naku, tumigil ka. So paano I have to go, I still have to pick up some medicines for my mom at her doctor and I don’t wanna be around when they come, again thank you.” I shook Daniels hand firmly, with my eyes full of gratitude for another accomplished mission.

“Don’t worry, nakalista lahat, and youre definitely welcome Prince.”

As I looked back on the reserved place on the left side of the fine restaurant, where me and Daniel personally arranged, the isolated table was gorgeously decorated with simple Holland Tulip’s Andrew’s favorite flower, on the middle was a candle, ready to be lit and just nearby was a two piece string orchestra for the nights event. Howd I wish I would be the one sitting on the opposite side of Shawn’s chair, but of course it would never be me, coz I cannot place myself on Andrews shoes.

"Teka Prince, i would like you to meet JR nga pala. I hired him without you knowing, kakanta sya nung theme song nila mamaya when they arrive. Cool idea huh?" The moreno looking guy approached me, Daniel on the middle, introducing us.

"Hello Junior este JR! Thanks for coming! Galingan mo pagkanta ha. I have to ask, ano theme song nila?" Eyeing him suspiciously and questioningly.

"Sir hindi po ako Junior" He smiled a cute one. "Its John Ryan, JR for short and by the way their song is Till They Take My Heart Away."

"Cool, thank you. pasensya ka na hindi ko maririnig pagkanta mo, i have to go na. Dann thanks so much again. Ill talk to you later."

I turned my back on the Restaurant smiling, but my smile vanished instantly the moment I entered my car. Am I doing too much for Shawn? I thought to my self… I looked on my watch and its already 8 PM, “Another skipped meal”, said my brain while my stomach was growling in agony. I took my phone and started to dial Shawn’s number, but before I was able to press the call button, I hesitated and just typed a simple SMS for him:

“Its all set, enjoy the night.ü”

5, 10, 15 minutes, I waited for a reply.


That’s what I thought.

“You did great Gabriel, I love you”

(Again its me talking to my self.)


“Son, how was your day…?” My mom approached me, hugged me and kissed my cheek. Eventhough I was already in my late 20s, my mom will never get tired of hugging and kissing his only son. And this was just the right moment when I needed a kiss and a hug badly.

“Ahhhm, may problema, I know… accomplished again, for a friend?” My mum said inquiring, I never bulged and tried to hide what I feel.

“Wala, Ma! Na miss ko lang kayo…!” I said as I handed over her favorite cake and a packet of her medicines. “Don’t over eat, Ma ha, its already late and you have to sleep early or better yet ill place this on the Ref first, kainin na lang natin tomorrow.”

I started my way up to my room to rest when my mom spoke again.

“Ok anak, oh where are you going, Kumain ka na ba?”

“Ma tapos na po… night night.” I lied

This was just those days that I skipped meals to do a task for specifically for Shawn. And this was the third time a friend asked if I Love Shawn, First was my mom, then Karen an officemate and then Daniel. All answers were unanimously “NO, SHAWN IS MY FRIEND”.

I was really exhausted with the preparations that me and Daniel made for Shawn’s surprise dinner for Andrew. It was one of the numerous events that I was involved in their relationship, I knew all along that their relationship as of the moment was “ON THE ROCKS”, due to primarily SHAWN’s insentivity. This is one of the attempts to regain what was lost between Shawn and Andrew. All because of Shawn happiness.

“Hay naku, love really can move mountains.” Its me reffering to Shawn and Andrew and not on what I feel for Shawn, or its also applicable.


The night was wonderful coz he never gave me the opportunity to sleep, “duh”, I said to myself while browsing my phone. Its already 4:00 am and still no reply from him. I just went thorugh again for the Nth time Daniels message:

“Ayun, tawanan sila ng tawanan, I think they did have fun, parang bagong kasal nga…”

“So they did enjoyed what I have prepared for them, that’s nice” I said with a small grin on my face and a small pinch in my heart.

Toot toot, toot toot.
1 message received

“Hey Jhe, thanks a lot, you saved my relationship again with Andrew”

Gladly I replied.

“Sure no problem, basta ikaw.”

Toot toot, toot toot.
1 message received

“Oi, still awake? Sleep na! mwah mwah”

I wanted to rant for his late reply.

“Eto hindi ako nakatulog kasi, nalipasan ako ng gutom kanina.”

Toot toot, toot toot.
1 message received

“Why do you have to skip your dinner? That’s bad for your health”

Toot toot, toot toot.
1 message received

“You know naman, how much I care for you, dapat you never skipped your meals”

Toot toot, toot toot.
1 message received

“Hala, you go to the kitchen and invade it, lumafang ka!”

I would be glad if those were his reply, but sadly its not.

I opened the message and found my mouth agape

“Ok lang yan, uso naman ang slim ngayon”


Overkill and another skipped meal.


  1. pare tindi mo. sana friend din kita. btw, ganun talaga minsan hirap aminin ang mga bagay bagay. kahit sa sarili natin nagkukunwari tayo para lang maging masaya ang mga tao na mahala sa buhay natin.

  2. ok lang kung dinner an iskip, wag lang ang breakfast. gaya ng sinabi ng friend mo, uso naman slim ngayon. =)

  3. nakita ang sarili ko sa post mo

    at nalungkot ako

    kasi sa kabila ng paggawa ng mabuti para sa isang kaibigan (na ayon sa itinuturo ng aral kristiyano ay mabuting gawain)...

    mayruon pa ring kulang...