Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The moment I saw that particular picture on your Facebook, I was like “What on earth is this doing here?”

Of course it was you on that picture and it was your site so I have no right to protest, but behind that picture was a story. An old and unforgotten tale of my love to you.

Eventhough distance has been a large hindrance in our relationship as friends, we survived the trying times, and even constantly brags about how pious our first meeting was. We both knew that the world was cruel enough to tear relationships apart but our young friendship lasted, because we knew that a place in the heart has been occupied by each of our names. I used to dream we were more than friends, that you love me too the way I love you, I guess were just meant to be just friends, nothing more or less.


It was the nicest March ever. I was happy with my work at Antipolo, though not earning that much, i was able to support myself and also was privileged to help my family back home. Maybe because of my focused life, I never really had the time to think about relationships, I was happy with what I have and what I have achieved. I accepted the fact that I was different from the rest of the male crowd and I really don’t care much about what they think. My eyes were focused straight and I had no time to enjoy much, especially on the ways a heart beats. Maybe I loved someone but I never really wanted to share myself to anybody, because of the fact that this love is a love I can never really have, that’s why I thought it was the way the world goes.

Five days before my 22nd birthday, the weather was perfectly jiving with my mood. Then came a text message from the most nicest person on earth, you.

“Tol, gud am. Ü pd b mkitulog maya s bhaus m? May klase ko whole day s UP, blak ko magpunta s megamol bukas para s job fair. Ok lng po b? Tnx!”

Within just a span of five seconds I typed my reply on my newly acquired camera phone saying

“Ok lng! Bsta ikw! Alam m naman papunta d2 db? 2muloy kn lng s simbhan ng antipolo dun nlang kta tatagpuin andito kasi ako sa bayan.”

Wasn’t that just serendipitous? The church, of all the places would be our meeting place. Within an hour or two, there was I waiting for you at the porch of the church. Like a groom waiting for his bride, with all smiles. Then voila, like a movie scene, in its climax, you came walking by the stone pavement, like an angel in disguise, armed with your hiddenwings, invisible halo and your gorgeous smile.

It was an instant reunion, with all the stories that we had shared from that lazy afternoon up to the time we closed our eyes, who wouldve thought that those memories would always be inside me and never will be forgotten. Howd I wish that time that I coulve kissed you that night, but I was afraid. Howd I wish I coudve hugged you while you sleep but the warm weather forbids me so. I was just contented enough to stare at your moonlit face. Its more than enough for me.

I have always put in mind that you were the flower in the garden that wasn’t meant to be picked, most of all by me, instead let your beauty flourish into the light and may the worthy someone that you also cherish pick you instead, it will not be me, but I did hoped it was me.

It was that night that you took your photo using my camera phone. I saved that photo, and you copied it in your mobile phone too. We separated After that, then the inevitable happened we lost contact. Until just two years ago when we met online once again, I never thought that after five years of being away from each other, you still have that photo that might remind you how a small plant of friendship has grown into a delicate tree, though withered by distance and time, but still I am here willing to nourish and keep it alive. I do hope you have done your share to preserve the life of it.

The Sun has withered my skin, has scorched my heart - that made it harder enough to resist the urge of it loving you again. Alas it has evolved into something worth it, not of romantic love anymore but of the most sincerest form of friendship and love. It has always been like this for you and me and let it be like this forever.

That’s why when you came back to my life. I do not ask myself the hanging question “am I worth it for you?” but instead my heart proclaims “you have done it, you have learned to let go..."

You have always been in my heart, though time and our cold distance has made your chamber cobwebbed, youre still here in my heart, forever etched.


  1. sometimes we are contented na lang of what we have right now that instead of confessing our true feelings we back out, afraid of what the other might react. the thing is, how will you know if you won't try. but then again, we are so afraid that if we do try and the feeling is not mutual there will never be "us" nor friendship... sigh

  2. BTW,
    tnx for dropping by the blog ko. See you around.