Friday, August 28, 2009


It has been 5 months. Five tiring and stressful months for me. Within this period i wasnt able to have a full rest even for one fucking single day. Which means i am working my ass everyday from 7 am to 7pm, 7 days a week. I was actually promoted, they increased my salary, but there was this company rule that hinders me to have OVERTIME PAY, even if i work diligently and full of dedication for this company. Lookin on the brightside, the company will give me a lumsum of their money every start of the year, that will be 10% of my annual income. Not bad but working without pay is challenging my dedication on this craft and of my patience. I felt abused but i have accepted this after i have signed the contract a few months back. Stupidity. Indeed i have grown tired of lovin my work too.

If this is called killing thyself- i am guilty.


On the brighter side of the universe. I realized that my room is such a mess. i havent cleaned my room in a while and its kinda irritating. So i started to vacuum dusty surfaces. cleaned my laptop, my table, changed bedsheets, cleaned the TV, folded properly the disoriented pieces of clothes inside my cabinet...

And then i saw them:
The cup, the envelope with reciepts, the stuffed toy, the planner.

I took the cup and the tissue inside it. throwed it inside the trash can
I took the envelope, with receipts. Throwed it inside the trash can.
I took the planner. Throwed it inside the trash can.
I took Mike. Placed it inside a plastic. and stuffed it in a place i will not see.
I took my phone, read for the last time the 1500 txt messages in it and started deleting them. I started to filter and delete contacts too that is no longer significant.

It felt good inside, to see my room clean. It felt kinda odd throwing and deleting memories of a bittersweet past, things that made you hold on, promises that were broken numerous times, the hope that people are good and kindhearted. But see, I may not be smiling fully now, but i can sport a small grin.

And as a song goes,

forward always forward
onward always up
Catching every drop of hope
in my emtpty cup
what a journey it has been...


  1. ' some times the best times comes from the worst situations.. it makes us see things differently..
    - smooth read.. =)

  2. psst. prince cloud, astig ka pala e hehehe

    o wag masaydo sa work ha.

    minsan masarap magpaka tarantado at magliwaliw sa buhay!

  3. finally tinapon mo na?! dinelete mo na din? kawawa naman si Mike :(

    congrats at nakayanan mo gawin 'yan. ako mahihirapan talaga.

  4. next time bigay mo na lang sakin ha... charity work. lol!

  5. shit i love cloud.. and tiffa.. musta?

    ex link?