Saturday, August 22, 2009


Prince_Cloud, 22.08.09

Dreams are for fools
Hope just an ordinary tool
Cracked hearts beat nonetheless
So what's there left to learn?

Been through all wars
Maybe death is next, scared im not
Halo on my head,
but some times I asked for a pointed one

Cant accept in a blink im insane
Cant pretend this lifes another shame
Cant attain the hope and faith again
Nothings gonna be the same. Again.

Cant unload this grief and pain
Cant imagine how or why it happened
Cant vindicate myself from this claim
Nothings gonna be the same. Again.

I pawned my life
And paid for every stitch in your fucking life
Used me as a rugged doll
But im not complaining

Another skipped meal
Another crack in this broken glass
The next tone of the machine
Again from you, another crash
Cant run a mile for you
But I lifted that mountain high!
Paid nothing in return
And I guess the mute brown
Cheap stuff Is just enough.
That’s maybe how you value
The gem that once I was.

And maybe the words are not enough to say
How I suffered the hot chain
That you wrapped in me, in vain
You didn’t wrote the promised letter
You didn’t shout how you made me sober
You didn't helped yourself to become better
You didn’t even cared for me when death comes knockin'

And all you can say is…
Nothings gonna be the same. Again.

The truth be said
I cared and loved you all the way
But when my well was dried and gray
You killed me and runaway...

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