Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mr. Brightside (Rough)

Wala ako magawa kagabi. I think this is the best part of the song. Nahihirapan pa rin akong kumanta habang naggigitara (as if magaling talaga) lols.

Mr. Brightside- 2nd verse
Music and lyrics by Prince Cloud

The unrequited love
That almost drained your life
Think its just preparation
For the next paradise
When you truly loved a person
Who doesnt love you back
How great is your love
To the one
Who deserves your heart?
You can move on, let go
You can let go, I know
You can pick up your shattered heart
You can get out of the flow

Heres the glue for your heart
Heres a basket full of smiles
Heres a kind hearted lad
Singing for you coz he know its hard
Heres a chocolate for u to glow
Heres a hand for you to hold
After the pain well just laugh out loud
And heres your friends
Until the very end

Im Mr. Brightside, Brightside,
Look at us baby
I never stopped lovin you
And you never stopped hurtin me
Im Mr. Brightside, Brightside
Look at us baby
I pray your safe, happy, smiling
coz its a sunshiny day.

1 comment:

  1. nice song... :)

    from your posts, i can see that you really are a good person, with a kind heart that loves unconditionally... and fool are those who do not recognize the goodness in you...

    at the end of the day, i am sure, you will find someone who will give you back the love you deserve... for a while, just leave everything to fate... and enjoy life while it lasts... remember, every second counts...

    you got your life, do good with it... so when the right one comes along, you'll be at your best...

    and just hold on to this: you have all the means to make yourself happy... likewise, you have all the means to deprive yourself of that happiness... it's just a matter of choice... you know what's best for you...

    be happy... :)

    **comment ko to para sa lahat ng posts mo, grabe sobrang naka-relate ako... :)

    for the mean time, i guess this song will do best for you: tulog na by sugarfree.. eto URL: