Thursday, July 23, 2009


Serendipity: (noun) Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.

Fortunate accidents.

I wanted to watch again one of my favorite films of all time the mushy “Serendipity” but to no avail I have no CD or any media file of the film to satisfy my hunger for any “kilig” moment though artificially created through watching the film. But just the other day my officemate Duke_Cloud, who of course has the same name as I have, handed me his external HDD and he excitedly told me that he finally downloaded a copy of Serendipity. I was surprised because it was months ago since I have mentioned to him how great the film was and maybe it caught his attention and searched for the video on the net. I Attached his HDD on the office PC and looked and looked but the video file wasn’t there. He was surprised too. He was sure that the video was saved on that specific folder. I told him to just copy and paste it on the PC desktop and ill copy it the next day.

Prior to that incident, I met a friendly guy online. I have been a follower of his site for quite sometime now but I was not sure if I have read all of his entries. Maybe most, but not all of them. I took my courage and asked his YM and he gladly gave his and voila we were instant online friends. We talked just about general things like, work and life. Nothing special at all. I still recall one of my first questions to Him.

Cloud: is your name really Knight _Cloud?
Him: No its just an online name.
Cloud: Oh I thought we have the same name, I thought its Serendipity. =)


Then yesterday, Duke_cloud informed me that the Video file of Serendipity was in the HDD all along and he just “accidentally” placed it on the other folder. He also successfully copied the file on the office desktop for me to copy on my own HDD. Excitedly I checked for the video quality and that night would be a “movie night”.

Tonight is "serendipity" movie night. kaya Cloud uwe ng maaga ha.
about 20 hours ago from twitter

Lucky discoveries.

Came afternoon, I got the chance to talk again to Knight _Cloud online, just some random things about heartbreak and relationships, work and work and life and love. Typical things that we encounter everyday. I got really curious on him, thus I decided to save his whole blog with entries I haven’t read yet to my HDD (I have no internet connection at home), I placed the file inside the “Serendipity folder” so that I can read it at home tonight.

Came eight oclock and the Pancit Canton-hot & spicy was ready, for me to eat while watching Serendipity with Raoul, my baby laptop. The film was really great, and I think I fell in love with Kate Beckinsale, she was really pretty. While John Cusack’s hair was really off, he would look gorgeous if his hairstylist has done some magic, still hes handsome nonetheless. I felt that the film lifted my spirits up, just what snickers chocolate does to me.

The film ended at around 10pm and I fixed myself so as I can get my well deserved sleep. I went to the bathroom washed my face, brushed my teeth. Came back to my room, turned off Raoul, closed the lights, went to my bed and shut my eyes.

But after ten minutes of total darkness, I opened my eyes again. I cant sleep. There was still a task to be done, I searched my brain for the unfinished task of the day, and yes I remembered the saved pages of Knight_Cloud’s site.

I stood up, I opened my laptop Raoul again. Searched for the Serendipity folder on my external HDD and opened His Site.

I backread on his blog, very interesting indeed. His relationships, his life’s goings on. His friends. Most of his entries I have already previously read, but there is one entry that was still untouched by my eyes, I just don’t know why I skipped that entry before, maybe it was too long or I was in hiatus. I was all smiles while reading. I cant believe what I am reading, its really weird. In that entry, I found out that his past partners have a name similar to mine, thus “Cloud” and my names “derivatives” or what you call nicknames was mentioned 23 times (the floor in which Sara and Jonathan pressed at the Wistoria Hotel)

Weird. But it’s a cool thing. I was all smiles when I went back to my bed to sleep. The turn out of events has visited me.

Duke_clouds surprise that he has already downloaded the film and accidentally placing the file on the wrong folder that hindered me to watch the film the previous night and instead watched on the fateful night.

My question to Knight_cloud about the serendipitous likeness of our names.

The lucky saving of the site on the same folder as the film

My curiosity that made me stay up late just to finish reading his site

And the likeness of the names, its really weird.

In that entry he mentioned my name 23 times. 23 is a significant number in the film.

Maybe Serendipity do happens. Just like what happened to Flemming when he discovered Penicillin.

Still it’s the choices we make that defines who we are and who we become. And as for Prince_cloud and Knight_cloud, im sure they will be good Pards. =)


“Its perfect… Its an excellent choice” – Jonathan Trager to his Fiance

(for the gift she gave him -the book that contains Sara’s full name and her home telephone number)

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  1. Hmmm. sino si Knight_Cloud? andami namang cloud, wala bang Sunshine? hehe!