Saturday, July 11, 2009


I haven’t been the center of the suns’ glorious rays nor qualified for the eye of the storm to pass me by. I was just a mere bystander as the summer season wakes up and dies and always the one without umbrella as the tears of the sky comes pouring down. It seems im left behind as I see people holding their hands in the park at noontime and while others share their small umbrellas that will definitely make both their sleeves wet. But who cares if your skin is burned as long as someone will tell you how cool it was to be tanned. And who cares if you get soaked up as long as deep inside, something’s burning hot.

I don’t know where I am, I thought I was right on track, but it seems im lost. The seasons have not been good to me. I saw the sunny day, got burned and was overjoyed on the bright light until my vision went pitch black leaving me with no sight. I thought I found refuge during the rainy days, but flood came and I almost drowned, luckily I know how to swim on the river of tears.

I hope and pray that in time ill be the RIGHT CLOUD in the blue sky, big enough to cover two people from the burning sun and decently white to ensure the weather’s gonna be fine. From there MY SHADE might come, and the wait is all over.


Kahit pala ako ang ulap,
hindi ko pala kayang takpan
ang liwanag ng iyong pinakamamahal na araw...
kahit pa sinangga ko ang init niyon...

…Hindi ko kayang makitang malungkot ka
kaya hinawi ko ang sarili ko
para ipakita sa iyo ang mga bituin…
At ngumiti kat nagningning

kahit pa biyayaan kita ng masaganang ulan,
o kayay bigyan ka ng lilim.
Ang langit pa rin sa likod ko
ang tangi mong hiling...

(isang tula, nasulat noong 10.06.09)

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