Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Better Something

Better Something
by Prince_Cloud 19.07.09

I have a better brain
not a better heart, so foolish and dumb
not a better feet, to jump away and run
Not a better stomach, cant digest what i churn

I have a better feet
not a better brain, whose thoughts are lame
not a better heart, already broken and drained
Not a better stomach, cant accept those intakes

I have a better stomach
not a better feet, to skip the obstacles
not a better brain, most of the time braindead
not a better heart, leased and bruised

I have a better heart
not a better feet, will not runaway
not a better brain, logic are just insane
Not a better stomach, hurtful words i can take

I think i have a better heart
though stupid but can melt your pain

1 comment:

  1. ang taray, musical composer na tayo ngayon... honestly, this is a good piece!