Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why do people fall in love?

We always get hurt when we FALL… on the ground, on the bed, over other things, especially LOVE. But why do we still fall in love when we knew all along that it is accompanied by hurt…? Is it because it’s the nature of humans to love, we are created because of love… but I doubt the word “FALL” is appropriate to use side by side with love because FALL represents an accident - … And this accident will have a great impact in our lives and being in love is not mainly because it was an accident and is inevitable to happen - but it should also be a choice.

Finding love is but a great mystery for me, half the world will wait for love to knock on their doorstep while the other half will search for it in vast landscapes, and then love will bloom, its somewhat like magnets attracting each other… Do we really have to wait and say “love will come in the right time and place” or do we have to search for us to find “forever in the arms of somebody”. But I think I am the former…

Its funny people will do all sort of things just to give the person we love all the special treatment they deserve as if its our own happiness also to see them smiling and laughing. If we truly love them, we will never ask for anything in return, and that’s where the hurt will begin… Its not a crime if they do not love us back… And as long as you love, there will always be hope…

But when all is in vain, can we finally accept to give up all the hope in the world… though many will say we should never give up… and no war is won without heroes… but I believe that true love is being happy whenever you see him in the arms of somebody that makes him happier. Ouch, true enough.

When we choose to love a person, we also choose the possibility that one day we will lose them… Can we really take it that there will come a time that your loved one will depart and just accept that being apart is a part of life and cannot be changed. Are we strong enough and cast away the frightening fact that nothing lasts forever…? Even love itself can never make you stay. Some times too much love will lead us to make mistakes, and mistakes are normal, unintentional-those which were not meant to be done… We do the best we could to amend those but in doing so, we lose ourselves along the way, we feel the pain suddenly…

Everyone gets hurt, but mightier than physical hurt is the pain that is given by loving someone… The world will go on its axis and it has no further obligations to you to comfort you when you feel that bone crushing truth that it really hurts your soul. Even as a teenage boy I tried to be good everytime, I feel that being nice to people and being kind hearted will spare me from pain … but I was wrong… no one is exempted from the pain that is brought by losing some one we love, the pain of betrayal, the hurt brought by wrong emotions, the anguish that leads us into falling out of love…

But still we choose to love again, over and over like an unending refrain of a song.

SO why do people choose to love?

Because choosing not to love is giving up on life itself…



Alas the chain has been broken, the compass – already repaired, and I see the light.


  1. I like this Post Prince Cloud! :D

  2. gives me this impression that you are indeed approaching the light, dear. :) im just here, willing to catch you when you fall when no one else can. miss ya!