Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"OLD ME" Contemplated (29.04.2007)

As i was checking my old blog, i stumbled upon this entry that made me smile. How funny it is that after all the years that has gobe, my perspective in life hasnt changed. Im still ME. Its as if i was talking to myself or reading my own bedtime story. and it made me smile. and i do hope this will make someone smile too. Eradicate the negativity, Life is Pretty.



As the light of the glorious sun fades away that makes the sky a wonderful canvass, filled with mixed colors of loneliness and happiness that will soon be filled with stars on a moonless night, I decided to settle myself in the middle of somewhere for me to do the thing I used to do. And… There I was, lying on a blue carpet beneath the clear moonless night. The coldness of the night is slightly fading away and the breeze of the summer scent is silently approaching. The stars were my friends, constantly giving me signs of hope. I used to do this when im still in college, in times of doubt, hatred, guilt, confusion and uncertainty, but now I cant help but think that my outlook in life has changed a lot. Im now gazing above not because of despair and depression, but to show appreciation to God for all the wonderful things He thought and He has given me.

On Life

I love the sky, for it reminds me of the fact that me and you are just beneath the same blue, sometimes cloudy sky. The sky is the realization of how lovely life can be. Life is supposed to be beautiful, the only thing that makes it feel ugly are those people (I’m a former member) whose outlook in life is in contrast from the beauty that life brings. Though you tend to be unaffected by these people, you cant help but think that the world could have been a better place if the beauty of life, that God has given us, will be used to gain a beautiful place to live, wonderful people to share experiences with, unending happiness together with loved ones, our family and true friends. Life is filled with happiness all you have to do is to search for it, you might stumble at the course of your journey but friends, who are willing to help, are always on hand, and you just have to trust. And I do trust you, my friend!

“… Don’t throw your LIFE away for my sake… I fought so hard to free you…”
- Raoul (From the musical Phantom of the Opera)

On Love.

The world continues to evolve on its axis, because of only one thing, LOVE.
Love can move mountains, the definition is quite exaggerated, but trust me, it’s true.
Love is the root of all relationships here on earth, plus respect
I remember one quote sum1 said to his someone special: “I have loved you twice, the person that was you before we became one, and the person you’ve became afterwards…” ouch.
Maybe in time ill update this portion, after I have fallen I love again… but as a reference ill give you a list from a reliable source, on how you know its true love:

Siya lagi ang nasa isip mo araw man o gabi.
Nakakaranas ka ng DAY DREAMS
napapanaginip mo siya gabi gabi
naiinis ka kung di mo siya nakakausap o nakikita
nasasaktan ka kung nakikita mong may kausap siyang iba
lahat kaya mong ibigay kahit pa ang buwan at ang araw
lahat kaya mong gawin kahit pa ialay mo ang buhay mo sa kanya
Palagi siya kasama sa mga panalangin mo kay LORD
nag-aalala ka kapag di sya nagtetxt
lahat ng ikakasiya nya nais mong ibigay kahit ano pa… kahit kalayaan nya (pero youll stay with her, sinasabi lagi na youre always there…)
ayaw mo siyang masaktan
naiiyak ka kung naiiyak sya
masayang masaya ka kung iyong pagibig na ibinibigay mo ay pinapalitan nya

“Love me, Love me… Say that you love me…”
- Cardigans (Lovefool)

On Friends

Im friendly, but I think im not friendly enough. The fact that I don’t have a barkada to share experiences with, or to go to hang outs or bars to have fun, made me realize that im really left behind. For the past 21 years I took the role of a nice (sometimes naughty) nerdy student that needs some academic honors, I have achieved my goal, but somehow as I reflect my teenage life, i found out that I felt deserted. Though there are lots of friends on my Friendster list, no one, as in no one, knew the real ME, for that I feel sorry… Its really nice to think that there are people like you who understand my situation and the thought just gave me another spark of hope that I belong to a certain community where I can be myself, without hesitation. I thank you for that. I enjoy reading my friends blogs: a daily dose of laughter with a little bit of nosy remarks , unwavering advices , Nice & Naughty encounters , Youthful experiences. I do hope I contribute enough to make myself included in your elite list.

Enter you
Voila its show time
You brought the house down with a dance and a dum ditty
Enter you in less than no time
This ugly drama has become pretty
- From the Film Trick

On Work.

I have been working for the past 4 years. Ever since that momentous day (first day of work), I never had any absent. That’s what I call dedication… When it comes to life’s seriousness, the humorous me tends to be serious also. I thank God for giving me a strong and healthy body, my family for all the love and support and to you for accompanying me in my darkest times. Homesick ako. Yun lang problema.

“Kay tagal mo mang nawala… Babalik ka rin”
- Gary V.

On Family

I was crying hard yesterday, because of Bernadette Sembrano’s Nagmamahal Kapamilya which featured the homecoming of Nurmimi Wajab. Her story immortalizes the importance of FAMILY.

Oh by the way… I’m building my own house already, just a simple house in the middle of our sugarcane field. That house is a symbol of my love for my family, because they never ceased to love and support me, this is the time to give them the chance to live a wonderful life, that’s what I call unconditional love… I love them, theyre all ive got.

Na Homesick ako lalo…

“Araw natin to, oh oh, Araw natin to oh oh…”

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why do people fall in love?

We always get hurt when we FALL… on the ground, on the bed, over other things, especially LOVE. But why do we still fall in love when we knew all along that it is accompanied by hurt…? Is it because it’s the nature of humans to love, we are created because of love… but I doubt the word “FALL” is appropriate to use side by side with love because FALL represents an accident - … And this accident will have a great impact in our lives and being in love is not mainly because it was an accident and is inevitable to happen - but it should also be a choice.

Finding love is but a great mystery for me, half the world will wait for love to knock on their doorstep while the other half will search for it in vast landscapes, and then love will bloom, its somewhat like magnets attracting each other… Do we really have to wait and say “love will come in the right time and place” or do we have to search for us to find “forever in the arms of somebody”. But I think I am the former…

Its funny people will do all sort of things just to give the person we love all the special treatment they deserve as if its our own happiness also to see them smiling and laughing. If we truly love them, we will never ask for anything in return, and that’s where the hurt will begin… Its not a crime if they do not love us back… And as long as you love, there will always be hope…

But when all is in vain, can we finally accept to give up all the hope in the world… though many will say we should never give up… and no war is won without heroes… but I believe that true love is being happy whenever you see him in the arms of somebody that makes him happier. Ouch, true enough.

When we choose to love a person, we also choose the possibility that one day we will lose them… Can we really take it that there will come a time that your loved one will depart and just accept that being apart is a part of life and cannot be changed. Are we strong enough and cast away the frightening fact that nothing lasts forever…? Even love itself can never make you stay. Some times too much love will lead us to make mistakes, and mistakes are normal, unintentional-those which were not meant to be done… We do the best we could to amend those but in doing so, we lose ourselves along the way, we feel the pain suddenly…

Everyone gets hurt, but mightier than physical hurt is the pain that is given by loving someone… The world will go on its axis and it has no further obligations to you to comfort you when you feel that bone crushing truth that it really hurts your soul. Even as a teenage boy I tried to be good everytime, I feel that being nice to people and being kind hearted will spare me from pain … but I was wrong… no one is exempted from the pain that is brought by losing some one we love, the pain of betrayal, the hurt brought by wrong emotions, the anguish that leads us into falling out of love…

But still we choose to love again, over and over like an unending refrain of a song.

SO why do people choose to love?

Because choosing not to love is giving up on life itself…



Alas the chain has been broken, the compass – already repaired, and I see the light.