Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pink is His Favorite Color

It was supposed to be less than an hour drive from our house in Cainta but it spent an incredulous two hours for the old FX to deliver me to the busiest mall in the metro, SM MEGAMALL. I wasn’t fond of people or worse crowds, that is why im not frequently seen in the mall, bars or discos. But when duty calls or emergencies, in malls I am what they call a SKULKER. My mother calls me frequently an antisocial freak, though she cannot erase the fact that I have won several positions in our university government as a student, a feat the she couldn’t believe, I guess when I put all my charisma into something worthwhile, Ill definitely get what I wanted.

That day was an UNLIKELY day. After all the charisma that I have invested for the moments event, my lucky stars weren’t aligned. Yeah right, the sun was magnificently crowned in the center of the sky, adorned by the lovely cotton candy like clouds, you cannot hate the day, but for me it was such a bad sight. I was seated at the backmost portion of the FX and the sweet old air conditioner is not at all working. Its terribly hot, as hot as the hunk that is positioned right in front of me, it was really awkward to smile at him with my whole pale face full of oily liquid that only comes out during troubled times.

I opened the machines’ door as fast as I could and dashed my way to the nearest entrance of a more uncomfortable area, though cold enough to erase my eeeky feeling, the mall was so crowded and it made me blush when I smelled myself. There goes my first broken falling star. Armed with confidence and my sneakers, I immediately walked as fast as I could to the nearest BENCH shop and tried to find a more comfortable shirt, to replace my sweat soaked T-shirt. Incidentally the Bench Shop was just right in front of the National Bookstore where the day’s event will take place…

I grabbed a blue shirt, my preferred color and attire that first caught my eye. Went to the cute cashier twink at the center of the aisle, picked a bluish liquid called perfume, paid the items in cash and immediately dashed to the nearest comfort room and went straight to the center cubicle and closed it, that marathon can rival the records of Lydia De Vega . I opened the Bench paper bag and to my great annoyance, the t-shirt that I bought was not a t-shirt at all, I mistakenly grabbed a long sleeved type TEE on the stack and worse of all the size was “XL” and not even “L” or “M”. Decided not to replace the long sleeved shirt for no reason at all, I just went back to the Bench shop and carefully picked the correct shirt, went back to the CR and successfully, recharged my CONFIDENCE Battery… at long last, now I’m ready…

I have never been late to any meet up, well technically this would be our first meet up since the first time I saw him in a government sponsored conference down south just last year. It was with him that I have experienced LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, if ever that context is true; I think this feeling can apply to him in any circumstances. I can tell because of the fact that I have never felt this intense feeling, never in my existence so I guess; I can call him my FIRST LOVE. He wasn’t any regular guy, he’s charming, he likes to eat, kind and sometimes stupid enough to tell me all his escapades with his girlfriends… Yeah right, he’s straight … But that was never a hindrance for me to befriend a person and in turn love him… Even though we’ve just met the previous year, we just clicked, we became closed friends instantly…

There was I entering the bookstore, the place where we will meet, he’s a bookworm, so this will be the perfect place for us to meet, ironically, I am not acquainted with books. Nonetheless, Ill make it sure that whenever I’m with Sonny, its all about him and his happiness. I torpedoed my rejuvenated body towards the aisle where most science fiction novels were located. Then there he was - my dream coming true - I stared without taking in oxygen to the long corridor, the black eyes of the LION staring back pleasantly at my brown ones. Surely, I can die the moment he pursed his lips to a wide smile, if I’m a basketball player, I have definitely earned a three point shot.

This ain’t true, I told myself, how can life be so fair- offering you a dream so far beyond the prayer that you uttered yesterday or even the wish you have always told your falling stars. And when the LION pranced his way graciously like a Brazilian ramp model to you… you have suddenly realized that the bloody heart inside you was not yours anymore… then out of the blue, a light bulb illuminates just an inch above my head…

“I know your favorite t-shirt color is pink, but I think a blue will do… ” I smiled back, my pearly whites shining brightly, while handing him the Bench paper bag containing the extra large Blue long sleeved t-shirt that I mistakenly bought earlier, that would exactly match his large frame.

Oh my goodness, he laughed at my joke, I’m about to die…


Like when I hear your name
Or see a place that you’ve been
Or see a picture of your grin
Or pass a house that you’ve been in
One time or another
It sets of something in me I can’t explain…
- Is it ok if I call you mine? – Paul McCrane

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  1. hehehe kileg.. =)

    hay nagrereminisce ang mga tao sa kanilang mga nakaraan. nakakatuwa naman. at dahil na isulat mo na ito, hindi na lang ito basta ala-ala.

    this is already a monument for the city of the future, the one you are trying to make.