Monday, February 23, 2009


I didn’t sleep much; I was so busy looking at his glories face, I cannot make a move to even try to close my eyes, given the chance I wanted to watch him breathing and sleeping soundly by my side, forever. I can still feel the pain of my fall on my left hips, and the cold season made it even worse. I grasp for my blanket because of the coldness that I felt and made a move to cover Sonny’s entirety also.

It was never in my plans to “DO SOMETHING NAUGHTY” to Sonny, he is too precious to lose so I didn’t took the risk… My mission was to make everything special for him, whenever hes around, ill be happy in that set up, we were friends, I cannot ask for more…

Without making any noise, I slowly raised my almost limping body and walked towards the kitchen. I was never a morning person, that’s why I have already a few memo’s concerning tardiness on the office. Though it was Sunday and I have no work, I summed all of my might to walk and prepare something special to Sonny, since this rarely happens. I have set up the small table already for breakfast- the eggs, bacon and hotdogs are already piled on two separate plates. I was just aint sure if he likes coffee or just plain milk or chocolate. When I was deliberating on what to prepare for him, my phone rang loudly.

“Oh shocks, naiwan ko yung phone sa kwarto… tyak magigising yun.” I told my self as I raced my way to the room. The door was already ajar and I saw him sitting on the side of the bed…

“Good morning bro, pasensya na nalate ako ng gising. Medyo napagod ako sa kalalakad natin kahapon.”. He smiled sheepishly as he reminisces what we have been through yesterday.

Well that makes sense. We covered the whole Megamall, yesterday and since we cannot use strollers as transport we resorted to walking, it was time well spent indeed… never a dull moment, no dead air between us.

“Oo nga, tapos anlikot mo pa matulog, nahulog tuloy ako sa kama…”

He chuckled loudly, aww.

“Haha, ikaw nga dyan ang malikot matulog, kaya ka nahulog, o baka naman nababahuan ka sa akin… hehe.”

“Malamang!” then we both laughed.

I started to approach the bed and helped him fold the blankets that we used and then all of a sudden. The tip of our finger touched for a millisecond.

I suddenly realized an electric current that flowed from my fingertips to my heart “Nakuryente ako” I told myself. Wala man lang syang reaksyon…

“Alam mo since andito naman na tayo sa Cainta punta tayo ng simbahan ng Antipolo.” She said as he fixed himself in front of the mirror. His face still as angelic as I remember last night.

Oh my. Did he asked me to go to church because he just want to go or did he asked me because he wanted to go there with me or he just wanted to pray for both of us. Did he meant by asking this for me to spend more time with him?

Or am I over sa olright analyzing all of his actions when he’s with me?

The morning was full of life, Laughter, smile. I cant imagine mornings can this be so lively. It was indeed the most glorious morning I ever had.


  1. No ordinary morning indeed for you bro. Check mo yung song na yun ng Chicane. I'm sure it's perfect for your moment.

  2. pwede bang kiligin..hahaha..


    --- --

    yung binanggit na kanta ni joms, no ordinary morning, may entry sya na same ang title.

    isa ito sa una kong nabasa sa kanya almost two years ago.

    it was the song that hooked me up to his blog.