Saturday, February 14, 2009


Someday, I will disappear. The songs will end, the lyrics will stop and the melodies will cease. Everyone will get tired hearing my songs, you will get tired hearing my songs, I will get tired singing my songs. But I will never get tired of listening to the wonderful music that comes from every pout of your lips, every wink of your eyes and every wave of your hands, for with you, forever and ever exist. I will always call out your name, the name I always whisper in the morning and constantly mimic on my dreams of the night. The name I have woven in the chords of my guitar, included in every lines of every song I make. I can be a thousand butterflies that will make the sky beautiful, only for you, just for your eyes to see. Then I will be the cloud that surrounds you and protects you from the harmful rays of the rising sun, I will be the air that you constantly breathe, though I may be the one you cannot hold on to forever, that’s how I will be… Then I will paint pictures of mountains, the sky, the oceans and heaven that depicts the way you walk, talk, smile, cry and prance your way to endless happiness, because my EYES SEE NOTHING BUT YOU, my ears hear nothing but your voice, my nose smells only your splendid perfume that marks my soul, My mouth speaks nothing but the way you make my heart beat. How’d I hope I’d see you sleep beside me at night, though the darkness will cover you and make me blind… Tonight during my slumber, you will be my dream coming true, a wish that is granted and a fairy tale coming into life. Beyond the darkness you are the lone source of the light, the MAN clothed in white.

Like the lonely dove, I will fly into nothingness; I will befriend the clouds of the sky, the rainbow after the rainstorm and the stars of the night. But you alone are my home, the reason I will go back… the only reason I will never be lost. I will never get tired of going home to your loving hands, where I will surrender all my defenses. I will forever and ever say your name like an unending chorus of angels. You are the reason I believe in forever and happy endings, you have given me another reason to believe in life after all that I have done failed. I was revived and eventually will live on… that’s the way I wanted my life to end.

Love you forever,



Message sent 13.02.08

"...I am the air that you breath that gives you hope and the will to fight, the one that will be with you forever...

But i do understand that i am also the one that you cant hold forever..."



  1. hahaha napanganga ako sa entry mong ito. In love ka kid! :D

  2. literary-wise, ang galing! cheers!