Monday, February 16, 2009



I was ninety nine point nine, nine, nine, nine, and nine percent sure that this was not the same dream that I dreamt yesterday.

Evidences were overwhelming; usually I dream of suns and clouds, warmth and dynamics are the forte of my dreams for the past few days but this dream was somehow very different: first I was laying flat on my back in cold tempered grasses in a dimly lit room, enlightened only by the flickering light that look like stars of a moonless night – a vision that you will never see in the metro. And more alarmingly nice was the enduring figure who was beside me, for the first time, I saw Sonny more clearly in this fairy tale, more solid than ever.

The moment I opened my mouth to say something, he locked his lips into mine, trapping the words that I ought to deliver. I thought that was for eternity but, eternity only lasted for a few seconds. We both smiled and again he refocused his stare on the million stars above. I was more than amazed on the scenery, not with the stars so far away, up there in the heavens, I was enthralled by the handsome light of the star beside me…

I was about to hug him tightly when I felt that a big stone suddenly dropped on its own accord on my hips, I cannot feel my hips. I tried to roll over to removed the stuck big stone on my hips and then…

I fell on the cliff… errr the bed.

“Araykupo” I said out so loud that I might have woken up the whole neighborhood. The last time I fell from my stupid bed was when I still live with my brother. With my body in slight pain I tried to stand up and crawl back to my bed. It seems that the fall has shaken my head. I suddenly remembered that Sonny has to stay over the night because it was too late to go home and we have so much things to catch up. And since the apartment has only one room, my chance finally came to be with him… Dream came true it was…

“Puta, ang gwapo talaga ng lokong to.” I said out whisphering…

I noticed that he didn’t even bulged a bit, eventhough the noise of my fall was so loud. Still sitting on the floor I, anchored my my face using my chin on the bed and tried to figure out all the contours and angles of his angelic face. Luckily, the light of the moon was enough for me to examine him…

His short hair complemented his round face. The lines of worries above his brows shows the struggles he was facing, based on the stories he has told me earlier. His arching nose that gives him that “Boy next door look” sits prominently in the center of his face and his angelic dimples on both sides of his cheeks accessorizes his smiling curved lips.

“Oh shocks, naka-smile sya habang natutulog…” I said to myself while my right hand was already traveling to touch his soft cheeks… when suddenly… he opened his beautiful eyes.

“Bakit andyaan ka natutulog… nasisikipan ka ba?” he said still smiling.

“Ahh, nahulog kasi ako sa kama, alam mo naman tayo malikot matulog…” I said cheerfully. “Matulog ka na, you still have a long journey tomorrow…”

With that statement he closed his eyes again. As I laid my trembliJustify Fullng body beside him, he rolled over and continued to sleep with his face, facing mine… Just inches away from eternity.


A dream is a wish your heart makes...

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  1. I figured out who among the bloggers in my links you share the same style of writing. Try reading ronneiluke's blog.

    Kilig naman ako sa story niyo ni sonny. You could have arched your arm and wrap it around his body. I wonder why you didn't take the chance. :)